Sao Nam Phan and tears of two women


In the case of a trillion gambling, Phan Sao Nam may be the worst, because as well as losing all his money and jobs, for the intense tightness, the defender put two lad in a round robin.

The one left Phan Sao Nam.

Cousin Phan Sao Nam is calling at the Court

On the afternoon of November 16, his trial court responded to gambling millions, expressed by Do Bich Thuy, Director of Viet Nam Investment Development Co., Ltd. (Nam Viet) he cried for his misconduct.

According to the charge, in 2014, Tu Bich Thuy Nam Viet established and chaired the Board of Directors and Director of the Company. At the beginning of 2015, Phan Sao Nam spoke to Do Bich Thuy for Nam and Trung (Hoang Thanh Trung – to defend the person in this case, to escape) to give the Viet Nam legal lawyer to make goods- soft online games. According to Thuy, Mr and the Trung would let the company. On 12 April 2015, Phan Sao Nam signed the name of the Àir contract. 04/2015 / VTCO-NV with Do Bich Thuy on "Developing and using software" called "Win2All", call RikVip called here.

Ms. Do Bich Thuy

In front of the court, the defendant said Bich Thuy in tears: "The defendant agrees to give a legal oath to men, and so when there is a danger of Nam, the defendant of It is the opinion that the brother of the contract should not be reviewed and Nam said. Software Development Contract for VTC Online ".

The guardian said to Bich Thuy, because his sister was close and her; He praised for talents, he believed in Nam: "The defendant is confident in Sao Nam Phan, The success of his South Believer believes that the person is protected When the contract was brought to the south, the defendant did not ask. The person who defended himself was extremely difficult about misconduct but his brother had never been angry.

Thuy, hearing that the players told the court for several days and when they were working with the survey body, found out that their help is wrong, The guardian also suits the defense. According to the accused person, his behavior is to help Sao Nam Nam but who is completely voluntary, not to be able to do so; coming from the south.

Phan You heard Huong: my mother never sent me to death

For Sao Nam Nam money rubbish, Phan Thu Huong's defender is a well-active sister.

So, after the start of getting illegal income from the gambling center, Phan Sao Nam asked Phan Thu Huong to move the money and agree Huong. The total number of Sao Nam Nam is VND 236,069,275,930. After receiving money from the south, Huong used the money to invest money to turn illegal money into "net money". So Phan Thu Huong was asked to clear money.

Predicted before the court, Phan Thu Huong said, although there is a married sister but to the south with Huong from the child, so the feelings are not between the two mothers of love and two people visit her together a mother-mother. So, there is a cash source and money use for business profit because Huong is completely responsible for the south.

Phan Phan Huong, sister of Phan's sister, was sent to Huong's opposition that he helped South Vietnam's silver capture.

"Identifies the mistake of her mother's sister, sister sister of Phan Sao Nam. At this time, the defendant has been able to recover the money the research group has given him the accused person, more than 236 billion, "said Phan Thu Huong told him; complaint.

Prior to its reimbursement, Phan Thu Huong has a business that works in the service department with hundreds of staff. Ms. Huong says that she is completely trustworthy that her nephew should not think that the money that the southern side makes off as a result of crime.

Before they finalized the Panel's question for their cash waste, ask the man who asked Phan Thu Huong to enjoy her & her; Panel to talk to Phan Sao Nam: "Men, mother and family always give their child a trust that is related to the family and good citizens of their societies. -Business. While I'm staying away from home, my mother and my family have not been able to go back. But here, mother and family have a chance to go back. ; see that you are willing to be willing to do. I believe in the law and humanity of the Trial Panel, I will return to the family and society -Business. I wish you all the time, passionate and enthusiasm for you. I do not blame you anyway. "


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