Sao Nam Phan paid over 1,000 billion to the inspection group after 2 weeks


On the afternoon of November 17, Mr Phan Van Vinh's experimental sixth session and his co-worker, Phu Tho People Court, held a CNC group, VTC Online.

The defendant acknowledges that the CNC is facing her & # 39; company

15h: "Pan gao" Phan Sao Nam, SN 1979 (who was a director of a VTC online media company) was called for quiz.

At the same time, the Panel recommends that the police supporters Nguyen Van Duong, SN 1975 (who was the Chairman of the Investment Board for Hi-Tech Security Development, CNC) in the the room to take the hearing out.

Sao Nam Phan paid over 1,000 billion to the review group after two weeks - Picture 1.

Phan Sao Nam Guardian. Photograph: Tien Tuan.

Speaking about the relationship with Nguyen Van Duong, the defendant In the name that there was nothing near, just a partnership, no two people have; struggling together.

Nam khai, two experts through common social relationships at the end of 2014. Before the two companies signed the name, the company's name appeared to be working on the internet and technology should be a long time familiar with her & # 39; company CNC is a Ministry of Public Security company.

Phan Sao Nam will open up with Nguyen Van Duong.

"At the end of 2014, Trung was a long-term co-worker. Trung said that he was a good game software development and Trung wanted to work with me to let the game spread.

Nam said when he heard that Duong had heard that CNC was his company; there. After the meeting, Yang changed directly and convinced that that was true.

To protect the person and Yang contracted him, how did the two companies talk to each other?

Phan Sao Nam said he and Duong had translating technology and technology to work with the internet. Then agree both file services previously filed.

Phan Sao Nam brings more than 1,000 billion to the research group after two weeks - Photograph 3.

The number of Nam Nam Phan

At the same time, through the Yang exchange, Yang said that the game can be released and we agree to cooperate, "said Nam.

Income from 1,475 billion play games

Phan Sao Nam, when the contract was awarded, said in the # 39; First level (April 2015 – 8/2016), CNC signed the contract with VTCOnline and worked very well. In particular, the CNC is the pay gate players, its own company support, domain name registration, customer care center, messaging to & # 39; sending messengers to customers.

CNC is confident to bring the contract into effect, in particular the license has not yet been confirmed but has never been confirmed in the license application process.

In terms of technical work within Software, the person defended Nam, by Hoang Thanh Trung and his colleagues.

At level 2, in particular, there is no need for CNC's legal entity that Duong uses some legal heritage such as Hai Khanh, Thang Long but the work on behalf of Duong remains the original agreement as who are silver players, technical coordination.

So, according to the defendant, that clearly shows the role of a game distribution, "said Nam.

Identity of Sao Nam Phan.

In August 2016, Yang spoke to the accused person that his / her company CNC faced the Ministry of Public Security; The launch of such games is somewhat fragile. The defendant was also found – Phan Sao Nam.

The legal entities that companies are later on in the coordinating process have changed records but did not appear but based on Mr Yang's name to continue. For attendants, a game bus was developed by VTCOnline at the early stages, followed by the accused and some of his brothers.

Rikvip is known as Level 1 and is Level 2 in Tipclub.

In terms of changing its name, Nam Khai does not remember clearly but the purpose is not clear. Yang is the person who wants to change the name of his game, the nature of the service is the same.

In the first phase, Nam said that income was in. including the VTCOnline company and the accused person did not remember clearly but more than 2,000 billion.

At level 2, the defendant receives the income but not the legal lawyer. Because the game is cleared, its & # 39; Most of the income over the period is more than 9,500 billion. Most of that is due to its & # 39; player, defender The name received for use for running Software & Software, to purchase the rights.

Sao Nam Phan paid over 1,000 billion to the review group after two weeks - Picture 5.

Phan Sao Nam. Photograph: Tien Tuan.

The Protector said that he was not responsible for technical matters, and so it was not clear that Hoang Trung Trung was dealing with the technical issues involved.

Phan Sao Nam said the research revealed a number of documents, documents and documents that he agreed to pay the game for 1.415 billion. In detail, use this money, Nam khai, some money used to help capitalize the establishment of a new company, some to invest in an estate.

In particular, there is only male money transfer to more than 236 billion for the family to be stored, but then thank your valuable investment and introduce friends. In addition, Yang said the investment in some companies to digital content, payroll software, tourism development.

Said said, when money is not moved to a married sister and friends say this is the money that has a sin.

For that reason, the active agencies, the inspectors have studied and inspected but are not being handled? The defendant stated that, when the authorities certify, individual defenders, there is a special report at his & # 39; The company has cooperated with CNC but has not been cure after that. Other intentions that are not handled, the person does not know.

In all situations, the defenders changed information with the one who Duong learned about the progress, the provision of records. Duong said he would talk to the authorities to handle it.

Phan Sao Nam now recognizes that there are issues related to playing with a gearing activity and that there is a cost of handling through companies. get cleansing money. The defendant stressed the content of his / her correct complaints.

In reviving more than 1,000 billion, Nam's defender said that it was a big deal and everyone should say that there is a "banned" to overcome not. The safeguarder was aware of the offense, within a month of working with his / her; An investigation group, the safeguarder was very proactive to report directly to the investigating authority about this amount to help. I, my relatives, my friends to collect this money.

"Since the group's research has helped, within two weeks, a total of £ 1,000 billion in reimbursement was received, and much of it was collected by December 2017, two months after The defendant's claim, the defendant said the Nam.

Phan Sao Nam was called up

16h20: Moving to a podium for other players in the proceedings, Mr Phan Tu Kien replied (Phan Sao Nam left), Lawyer Hoang Van Huong's question about when he was a son of a 5-year-old martyrist at that time. Is the government doing abroad?

Mr Kien answers that this is true. Mr Kien said, if we talk about the history of his / her. Going back, Phan Sao Nam is the fourth generation of the family. In particular, Kien's father was overwhelmed when he was only 5 years old and later the government sent him overseas.

After learning abroad, Mr Kien worked in a number of units and returned to work in a newspaper and learned more about the law 2. Before retiring, Kien was deputy editor of newspaper business.

Mr Kien also said that his wife was a member of the Ministry of Commerce. The families of the Sao Phan family and foreigners are members of the family.

Singpore Bank still has $ 3.5 million in money

16h40: The security guard currently holds $ 3.5 million in the Singpore bank where is this money source? The Panel will ask.

Manifesto: This money source is the friend who returned to the previous defender in Vietnam. This money is also due to complaining.

17h: Leave panel to leave. Sunday work Sunday and returning Monday (18/11).

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