São Paulo announces the success of New Militão & # 39; for 2019


São Paulo returned with Igor Vinicius, back to the Ituano, but this season was Opposition of Service B with Ponte Preta shirt. He is the age of 21, who still has a name to his & # 39; contract, and access Morumbi to fill a large gap in the department since trade was made between Éder Militão.

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Initially, Igor Vinicius in São Paulo will be loaned until late 2019, with an option to buy at the end of the attachment. This year, the attack of the Ponte Preta side was also loaned, after he had taken hold of his attention; Snow Club in the Paulista Championship with Ituano shirt.

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The talks are directly led by Juninho Paulista, the president of Ituano and has had a long way through São Paulo, a club with good relations.

Igor Vinicius went through the basic elements of Santos but did not get a place on the team. In this way, he finished to Ituano. With the Ponte Preta shirt, he went into the field 33 times, for Serie B and also the Brazil Cup.

After Bruno Peres became a representative of Militão even before the backdrop moved to Porto, Sao Paulo had to follow after other options for the region, as the athlete was not Loan with Roma that you liked to fans due to the deprivation of protection. Igor Vinicius, however, has promised, because he is only 21 years old and is still not playing in the Brazilian football.

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