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São Bento is interested in employing Lucas Perri. Featured by many São Paulo fans as the stunning visitor to the team in 2019, the boy appeared in Cotia and a sub-20 multi-campaigner under André Jardine's order can go to Sorocaba to increase opportunities.

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Recently, Perri maintained a renewed contract with São Paulo until 2022. Indeed, São Bento expects to take the player to Sorocaba. One point that focuses on an inner club, André Jardine seems to have been made as a Trricor's trainer, because he usually gets a offers many opportunities for young people to come from the center.

The third keeper at São Paulo in 2018, Lucas Perri was not burned in any game. In the final part of the season, Sidão lost the goal to China after failing after that, but then lost the reserve that led to the frequent visit in some applications , because in one of the goals agreed in the game against Vasco, which disturbed the population.

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At the age of 20, Lucas Perri received a competition from Diego Cavalieri, another guardian to defend São Bento in the Panasonic Champions and Serie B of Brasileirão in 2019. Princess Brasilia Fluminense and a & # 39; passing Brazilian and Liverpool teams, Cavalieri is inactive because he welcomed Crystal Palace in England.

Kleber Gladiator, defended for the protection of São Bento in 2018, is back to the Sorocabano club this year's agenda. The president of the club has been in & # 39; Discuss the expert attack.

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