Saoire 20/11, 7 students need a bath


On the 21st morning, rescue and family forces have not yet found TT. (Aged 13, in Loc Phoc area, Tuy Phuoc area, Dinh Dinh), Loc Poc junior high school, 7A7 high school pupil, lost in Quy Nhon swimming district near a house- Hai Au Hotel at Nguyen Van Cu chair Quy Nhon chair.

Leave 20/11, 7 bath students missing - Picture 1.

Active Force trying to find students (photo photo).

Original information, a morning school morning of 11/11 was from the school to celebrate Vietnam's Day of Teachers, T. and a group of friends to get together. At about 12 noon on the same day, T. with friends went down to wash in the area, that the waves of T were swept away far away.

According to Mr Nguyen Tan Thong, Professor of Phouoc Lake High School, he said that the school placed sheep and teachers on the site, after receiving the information above, to encourage and support the family to budget. This is the job found by the poor student.

Doan Cong

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