Sara Matos comes down and Cristina Ferreira's new plan for the SIC – Television program is shown.


Sara Matos has been one of the most visible faces of SIC. The actress recently took part in the program Lip Sync United Kingdom and he is more focused than she had ever done on her work. Still having a stage in the production, the actress has time to spend several projects with the Paço de Arcos station.

In conversation with journalists at the Lisbon Mod, Pedro Teixeira's friend stated that she is the next actress to be promoted by Cristina Ferreira and will make her journey the only day that she will know. She comes to the airport.

"I'm sure I'm not yet sure, I'm going to make one of those jits with Cristina Ferreira, it is going to be a tour," said Sara Matos.

Sarah did not recognize her destination but Sara was delighted with the challenge which Cristina Ferreira launched, which the date has not yet been explained.

More recently, Sara Matos has officially been the voice of the children's voice of Paço de Arcos. The actor has replaced João Manzarra, who then took over from the channel.

“I am already doing a lot of the hunting lines, which the soils never did, and so it is no more news for me. "

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