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The Duchess of York, 59, expressed their opinion in a speech at Kensington Palace this weekend that she saw a 10th anniversary of her own charity, Street Child. Princess Andrew's wife said: "She had a spell. In other countries in the world she would be put in a fire and locked." Eugenie was convicted of 28 by He was 12 years old and he got a blade for the loop in his / her; the back. She has been praised at the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital, saying: "During my eight-hour jobs, the deputies put all eight sides in titanium rods of my spine and half inch inches at the top of my throat.

"After three days in severe care, I spent a ward week and six days in a wheelchair, but I went to walk there again."

At least a month ago at his & # 39; The royal wedding of the wine minister Jack Brooksbank, Eugenie was sad to see her from her tree; wearing a dress that showed his sign on his back.

The scar was long running from her neck down the middle of her back.

Recalling the day, Duchess of York said: "I was never proud to see my tall, beautiful girl, who was full of confidence."

And discussing Eugenie's criticism in 2002, Sarah said to her; Sunday Post: "We thought it was a little dirty but it was a mamot.

"Her bones had risen so much when she reached 18 that she would have been digging. It was awful."

In June, Princess Eugenie met her X-ray instagram for an International Scoliosis Awareness Day.

She said: "It is an International International Sensation Day today and I'm really proud to share my X rays for the first time.

"I am also honored the amazing staff at the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital who work hard to save life and make people better."

She said: "They did that better and I am delighted to be a supporter for the Reformation Appeal."

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