Sarah Grace will be sending her & # 39; top of the live show & # 39; The Voice & # 39; [WATCH]


Monday, November 26 on "The Voice," Sarah Grace They took on Team "Over Days" for Team Kelly Clarkson in the highest 11 performance series. Sarah was happy to accept it Florence and the Machine He hit it because it was a good change from the oldest songs she had been on; singing in the television competition. As it was "Fan Night," America received again the song made by each artist, so that Sarah earned many votes to make it through to the top 10 important all the next a week? Watch the live show "Voice" above and read the opinions of the judges below.

SEEFloran performance & Body Like a Back Road & # 39; Kirk Jay Blake Shelton on the Voice: # That was amazing! & # 39; [WATCH]

"Wow, Sarah Grace, I have said, I've been an assistant to you from the beginning," said a co-competitive coach Blake Shelton"I'd like to see you a step out of the pane and find out here and do that way. That's the best presentation to date so far Here's how good work tonight. "

Kelly heard about Sarah's performance, saying, "It's funny, I think we are both shocked. I would not give this song to her. Musicians have built this song. This song is sung, and now it looks like this lovely style and entertains her. This is her best trip. Sarah, It's amazing because you're just a new 16 year old. It's probably a celebrity singer to be so young. It's so nice to watch. "

SEEThe Reagan Strange path is not affected by Voice & # 39; & Compiled & # 39; after the advent of Avril Lavigne [WATCH]

Before this "Days Days Over" event, Sarah sang "Ball and chain" during the blind recordings, "No Roots" in the battles, "Rather Go Blind" when I was going, " When Something Is Wrong With My Baby "in the main 26 weeks and" Goodbye Yellow Brick Road "in the best 13 weeks.

In his live blog "The Voice", on recapper Denton Davidson have said this about the live show: "I wish she's a harp with her. Sarah's lower way is a good feeling and this is a song choice What's good about Sarah that she has so much poem and a way through the song that seems to be more comfortable on the stage. I say this week was successful for Sarah! "

SEESpecial preliminaries: who wins & Voices & # 39 ;?

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