Sarawak Report reminiscent of Hadi's finest statement on Nik Abduh's subject


Head of PAS Abdul Hadi Awang.

PETALING JAYA: Sarawak's Report has been investigated by Abdul Hadi Awang yesterday yesterday who did not listen to a failure that was wrong; shows that PAS was receiving money from Umno, despite the failure that was missing; named as part of his clothes in London against the whistle editor of the Clare Rewcastle-Brown site.

The website said that the PAS president, in his court account, was explaining why words did not; audio recorder Nick Abduh Nik Aziz meant that the party had received huge money from Umno.

"In order to allow this opinion in this section of his oath to court, Hadi had to listen to his registration (or now he has to resign his senior position in London for false or invalid statement), "he said.

Hadi said the media yesterday said he could not comment on his & her; audio recording because he did not hear it.

"I did not watch the video (clip). I did not read (about). So I do not want to comment," it has been said as described by Malaysiakini .

Watching the tidy is a key part of evidence in the allegations that PAS received the millions from Umno by the 14th general election.

Last year Nik Abduh refused to be the person in her; recording, but recently he argued that it was it.

Rewcastle-Brown, in her article published by Sarawak Report in August 2017, among others, suggested that PAS senior leaders could get RM90 million from Najib Razak.

Hadi then put his suit at the High Court of Justice in London. In the beginning of this month, both parties agree to a situation outside the court.

Sarawak said Hadi had thoroughly analyzed the content and meaning of the failure to London court in response to the protection of Sarawak Report.

"This new line from Hadi's characteristic pattern in this case says anything in Malaysia and another to London court. The documents are there for everyone to see and not they do not respond to his public opinion, "he said, saying that the PAS leader had recently placed a situation outside the court; His case against Sarawak Report as he did not want to "answer questions in the evidencebox".

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