Sarri again suggested Mourinho


Coach Maurizio Sarri Mourinho praised and asked Brazil's director to be an incredible talent.

Mourinho has been worried when he met Sarri this season. One of Sarri's assistants got a grief on Mourinho when Chelsea got the last 2-2 minutes.

Sarri and his assistant went to Mourinho in the United uniform room to restrain him again. At his news conference, Sarri strongly added that her assistant was wrong and did not act properly.

Sarri again suggested Mourinho's drawings

Sarri suggested the words of Mourinho

You see Sarri coaches very respected Mourinho. Before the Battle of Chelsea vs. Manchester United, Sarri Mourinho suggested one of the best men in the world. And again, he again praised his colleagues in Manchester United.

"Mourinho is one of the amazing features of Mourinho. That's a good idea of ​​the Stamford Bridge game. That's why the event took place on one of my help. On the professional side there is little to say about this. "

Sarri also showed that he felt that football philosophy was similar to Jurgen Klopp's.

"Klopp is the ones who feel like his philosophy is very similar to him. And I think that the exchanges between the Chelsea and Liverpool range have proved no.

At one time I saw her laughing and so he asked me why. He said, "Because I'm lamenting games like this, and you?" – "I am too," answered me. When you find such situations, you will find that you have reached the top. "

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