SAR's lowest and lowest mobile phones by German authorities



A SAR summary is for a "Special Specification Level", or a specific degree of accession, which is being set; used to describe the inclusion of performance of live mass with an open electromagnetic range. We've been for you lately They gave an overview of several tools and their comparisons. Many smartphones are available on their market and are different in different data. It should be noted here that all mobile phones that are listed on the European market must be able to; comply with the established status, or can not sell them here. Its border was set at 2 W / kg within the EU, in the US the lower value is (1.6 W / kg).

SAR results by German authority

Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz na Gearmailt will create a database of equipment and quotas as a result. As a result, Statista could analyze the statistical analysis and statistical company of cell phones with the lowest and highest values. The data is valid to 10 December, 2018 and shows the values ​​that have been calculated through the phone call and its # 39; holding a mobile phone in the ear. It is clear, therefore, that mobile phones do not make so much energy.

The mobile phone is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 lowest SAR value, which reached 0.17 W / kg. First was ZTE Axon Elite and the third place was including a LG G7 mobile phone with 0.24 W / kg. We can say in this regard, Samsung offers its mobile phones at a & # 39; lowest price. Other companies include LG, ZTE, Motorola and HTC.

Now, we can look at the ladder from the other side. Xiaomi Mi A1 has the highest SAR value, ie 1.75 W / kg. Secondly OnePlus 5T is 1.68 W / kg and Xiaomi again with Mi Max 3. Again, Xiaomi and OnePlus have an impact on this level, and # 39; including Google, Apple, Sony, HTC and ZTE.

All mobile phones that meet EU levels, only Xiaomi Mi A1 and OnePlus 5T will; held in the US, or European models have no problems. If you want to find out how your mobile phone, you can visit the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz of Germany site and look for your model.


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