Saša Nikitović starts a dramatic track to Duško Ivanović


After five losses in the first six rounds of the Scottish League, Olimpija Petrol Basketball specialists are especially try to get away from the bottom of the D, a & # 39; playing among the top four, and so, in the eighth competition, it has been very unreasonable too quickly. Despite this, Ljubljana residents need to play eight other games, and if the coach would give them a new energy, they could even even the Besiktas accounts in Istanbul today at 6pm.

Before playing in the camp; currently with Six-man of Turkish League (4: 3), led by Caolas Montenegrin based Dusko Ivanovic In the European League, she won only two guest games (Bayreuth and Ostend), and in the home hall he did not succeed successfully, new information came about the new Olympic coach. First, father Rade Nikitović show that the Swedish club and media continues to & # 39; Using the wrong name of Aleksandar, who had his son already in Serbia. Of course: Zoran Martic got successful Sasa Nikitovic, it is written in every 39-year-old document that came to Ljubljana on a recommendation that was a director of the Star Star Mirko PavlovićSouth Westerly

Even for the last ones, expand the voice that he was to become a new Olympic sports leader. But her first group made her & her; club Roman Lisac He refused the facts and made sure Stožice was not expecting a new post. As Pavlovic says, Pavlovic has been able to help her for a long time, and will not end up at last. February, when the situation in the club is a down, and Nikitovic uses the new setting. At the same time, Lisac explained that he was the first to select a training that alerted Slovene experts. Among those free and good quality, he names two names. Take Mahoric, who was over Olympias during the 2002/03 season and in the autumn of 2006, stopped too long and could not come to a decision, Jure Zdovca, on the Ljubljana residents' bed from December 2008 to April 2011, opposed a restricted game timetable. He also had a rhythm taste; At the same time, he played three sides, and he was sure to be able to follow at the end of the season before Zagreb Cedevita's services, although he had a much more budget largest and more basketball players of the highest class.

After coming to China, Saša Nikitović has focused on improving the situation in the European League and in the Disambiguation League, and in the " The first part of the KBM Nova initiative, the team will be managed by its assistant Marko Anđelković there Grigor HafnarIn the West If Olympics is a Christian Baptist, he still has a " Waiting for hard work, as Besiktas has some good basketball players. There are two showcases in the LP, Croat Ivan Buva (16.5 points) and German Robin Benzing (11.3), and a 32 year defender of the US is also effective Jason Rich (11). The Istanbul team still has a high 221 cm ramp, but is 28 years old Dusan Cantekin, born by name Dusan Gavrilovic, he only made 6 points and 4 revived six rounds.

Nikitović warns: "Besiktas is led by Dusko Ivanovic. For everyone who knows at least a little about a basketball, it is clear that it is marked by a strong game and men. Ivanovic is a very good coach, who always makes his players well, each one knows what their job is; in the team. On Sunday, Besiktas lost in Gaziantep, which was not the same image; there. There are plenty of international basketball players in Besiktas, and the home team is very familiar. Bova is the most dangerous, and the ball is the hands for a long time. The Turks have a lot of external volunteers who make good use of the tasks that are ready. Joe Alexander's backdrop is now back to the team and strengthened the team under the rings.««

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