Sassuolo – Juventus – 0: 3. Match broadcasting text


Italian competition. 23th round.

"Sassuolo" – "Juventus" – 0: 3

Sami Khedira, 23, Cristiano Ronaldo, 70, Emre Can, 86.

Sassuolo: Andrea Consigli, Paul Lirola, Dzhiandzhiakomo Magnani, Federico Peluso, Rogerio Oliveira, Manuel Locatelli Stefano Sensi, Mehdi Burabay (Francesco Manyanelli, 78), Domenico Berardi, Huma Babacar (Jeremy Dia, 58), Philip Djuričić (Alessandro Matri, 56) S South

Stock: Giacomo Satalino, Gianmarco Ferrari, Merih Demiral, Mauricio Lemos, Gianluca Scamacca, Jens Odgor, Federico Di Francesco, Claude Ajapong, Enrico Brignola.

"Juventus": Wojciech Schesny, Mattia De Chillo, Daniele Rougani, Martin Caceres, Ailig Sandro, Sami Khedira (Rodrigo Bentancourt, 67), Miralem Pyanich, Blaise Matyuidi (Emre Can, 85), Federico Bernardeschi (Paulo Dibala, 83), Mario Manjukuhuki Ronaldo.

Stock: Mattia Perin, Carlo Pinsollio, João Cancelo, Andrea Barzalli, Leonardo Spinazzola, Moise Keen.

Eagleiche: Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni (Bergamo, Italy).

Gianjiacomo Magnani, 30, Mehdi Burabya, 39, Paul Lirola, 90 + 3 – Miralem Pyanich, 6, Alex Sandro, 27.

Stadium: Mapei Reggio Nel Emilia (Modena, Italy).


90 + 3 minutes. It is unclear why, to play it in part Lyrola on the front of Jan, sending Emre out of the field; pushed in the background. Yellow card

90 minutes. A further five minutes are available with the teams with the ruler's decision.

90 minutes. EVENTS! It could now be a larger and larger account, if Jan could burn to a climate on her & # 39; area from the right, but the defender over his way to Ronaldo.

88 minutes. With the fact that he was inserted outdoors, Dybala hit the ball after a whistle. After warning.

86 minutes. BBBBBBBBBB OOOOOOOLLLLLLLL! From a difficult situation he hit Emre Jan after that spread Ronaldo. The defender made a stir, and the corner was sharp, but the German got right in the bottom corner on the right.

85 minutes AWARDING YUVENTUS. Emre Jan in that game instead MatuidiSouth Westerly

83 mins. EXPERIENCE OF YUVENTUS. Instead Bernaredeschi went out on the field DybalaSouth-East Paulo spoke to his member who was scourged Ronaldo, on the way.

78 mins. EXPERIED BY SASSUOLO. B Basis I finished her game for today. Magnanelli his place.

76 mins. In the middle of the table the ball is in the & # 39; Most of the play time in this part of the game.

73 mins. Stronger conflict with the Schesny challenger was sent to copy. The keeper needs time to recover.

70 minutes BBBBBBBBBBB OOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! The mistake from Consiglio when he went to the geometry went to the keeper from the left hand corner Cristiano Ronaldo to win the torch team.

69 minutes. In Elbow Senshi Bernardeschi bait dropped from the left. Indeed, Federico wants punishment, but the referee does not support work.

67 mins. AWARDING YUVENTUS. Instead Khedira follow the game BentancourtSouth Westerly

66 mins. MOMENT! After the gate, the ball sent to De Chillot after he had been able to go. bend from the front line of your penalty!

64 mins. MOMENT! "Juventus" hit! Mandzhukich could not break from a comfortable home just before the opponent's goal during a pass from the left.

62 mins. Problems in the penalty of turintsev! God threw the ball into the penalty area and, as long as Berardi did, trying to do it, he did dash, and filled the attack by going to # 39; throw his wall with his head up to her; gateway. It was a bit blow.

60 minutes Fan arrived out on the field. The game is hanging.

58 MINUTES OF EXPERIENCE WITH SASSUOLO. Jeremy by God Finish their game instead BabakaraSouth Westerly

56 mins. EXPERIED BY SASSUOLO. Matri instead DjuričićSouth Westerly

55 minutes. MOMENT! DOMENIC BERARDI! The fighting against the net did not fall, after a very successful attempt to play Schesny from his penalty area!

52 mins. EVENTS! RONALDU! Bernardeschi got the Portuguese in the case with a low, long pass & # 39; Cristiano played the keeper easily, and put the ball into the net. However! Links

50 mins Bernardeschi turned the ball into the box. The ball rests in the hands of Consiglio.

48 mins MOMENT! Rougani completed his left handbag to buy from a line; gamekeeper, but he did not hit the target! But Mandzhukich was ready to close the long job!

47 mins. Juventus started the official attack time, but Khedira's license was stopped by the enemy. Pianich started to make the penalty from the middle of the chart, and after winning on a corner on the right.


Their first day is & # 39; go over!

45 + 2 minutes. MOMENT! Mandzhukich did not visit her & # 39; gate after amazement after hitting the face line of her & # 39; gamekeeper in the snow!

45 mins. The dispute was sold for three minutes.

44 minutes The time is ready. The home crew in the half-haired attack.

41 mins. Mandzhukich was on the yard in the middle of the field after having a & # 39; hitting with an enemy. Turintsev medical staff already on the field.

39 mins Mehdi Burabia warned. Lots of blood in the middle of a recent area.

39 mins Try Schesny to correct the Mandzhukich mistake when mitigating his backbone back to the keeper, but he did not just put the right ball on the side of the front line.

36 mins Mandzhukich was taken to fight Offeni when they were immersed in defense.

33 mins. Khedira competed out secretly.

30 minutes Gianjiacomo Magnani I saw a warning on my case for trying to & # 39; a member from Matuidi Tenacious to the left.

27 minutes Hard ball selection from Alexa Sandro on the side. Another yellow card.

26 minutes Sassuolo is going on. They had a very good start, but the visit missed the idea.

23 minutes BBBBBBBBBBB OOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL! Ronaldo has sinned so hard from sin punishmentConsigli had no choice but to return the beat in his forehead. Finishing Khedira follow immediately.

21 minutes Another corner for the guests. Babakar won and came to the fight on the right.

19 mins Rogiero Pyanicha was fighting with the field member member.

17 minutes "Juve" took hold of him and his defiance closed in his half.

14 minutes MOMENT! Locatelli beat outside his or her straightforward penalty in the "nine", but Schesny rescued the ball!

11 minutes They go to the attackers. The most important enemy is not at all worried.

9 mins Caceres was easy to catch with a superior pass of Sensi from the right. "Accessing" another of Martin in the Turin club.

7 mins Mackintosh was very aggressive. Pyanicha sent a penalty to the right, the ball over all the players in the possession of Consiglio.

6 mins He had a bad warning on his rough case under enemy in the middle of his; field DrunkardSouth Westerly

5 minutes After viewing the video reprinted, the referee wants to continue to; go with the game!

3 minute MOMENT! Djuricic was on the blade after communicating with Schesny in punishing guests! Var!

1 minute MOMENT! A dangerous attack arrived home starting! Sensi culminated in the crew of the team with a powerful blow to the top left corner, but could not hit the targets on a target.


On Sunday, 9th February, the twenty-third duel of the Italian Serie A took place, where Sassuolo fought with Juventus in Turin. Her game was held in Reggio Nel Emilia (Italy), on a range of herbs. mapping – Citta del Tricolor, starting at 7:00 pm Kyiv.

The bad bad Napoli Neapolitan opened in the game against Fiorentina was the way to go to; Currently an Italian warrior to make the big gap; already increase. "Seabras" in the last episode that was played in a tragedy of war with "Parma" (3: 3), and it is unlikely that they will want to allow another error. This game could be special for Shakhtar Donetsk and Bavaria Douglas Coast player from Munich, because he was in the & # 39; First game around Allianz Park without receiving her & her; He has a red card for spitting into the enemy's face. did a text translation of the game between Sassuolo and Juventus.

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