Sat.1-Frühstücksfernsehen: Indeed, a magazine is here wearing genuine leather clothes


Ina Dietz's amazement was on leather clothing.

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Most of the spectators did not trust their eyes when they were watching television: Ina Dietz's journalist was surprised in tight tight clothing.

Berlin – Ina Dietz often appears in front of her & her; camera, the news story regularly commentes on the Sat.1 television show about the current events in Germany and in the world. In their broadcast on Wednesday, however, virtually no spectators have their eyes marched, the 46-year-old came in tight dress in a leather view on the front of the TV camera. Because Ina Dietz had a & # 39; making such a worn clothes.

Spectators involved in Ina Dietz: "Rarely"

However, spectators are very happy with the journalist's unexpected look, and Instagram's television account sat.1 has a great deal of fans Sat.1 breakfast: "Wow, really hot "," Very good, but almost not familiar "," Why are not you always like that? "And" Today it was so good, it's not as usual as "there read.

On her own Instagram account, however, the 46-year-old is still decorated in a respectful and rude manner. The pompous leather dress is not visible, but many other images. And even so, listeners have an enthusiastic news story: "Even though she would be carrying a potato pot, she's the eye."

Look at this post on Instagram

Even today, snow is the most important issue in the news about breakfast television: there are no more places due to snowstorm. For example, Buchenhöhe near Berchtesgaden. From that @jensreupert recites that every morning is alive to us. Does the winter chaos also affect you? ,,,,, #newsanchor, #nowechaos, #snowing, #winterchaos, #glittering, #stowing, #rescueists, #toitoitoi, #grateful, #blessed

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Their colleagues from the Saturdays 1 breakfast ferries, on the other hand, are like looking out from a funny side. Alina Merkau was always a & # 39; Many spectators disturbed a short skirt, Vanessa Blumhagen's VIP expert at Thomas Seitel's view of his mail.

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