Netflix published at the end of October of the series Sabrina hidden world, based on the character of Archie Comics, by Kiernan Shipka. As the dispute was enough, as a result of its subjects, the Satan Temple attacked Netflix and Warner Bros. for renting and copying of copyright. However, the law has not gone on further as it was announced that its satanic group and guardians have been successful "friendly".

According to the statements of The Satanic representatives, the accreditation asked to use the Baphomet image in the row. In terms of the salary the application also included, confidentiality was maintained. However, Netflix and Warner Bros. has not published anything in the case.

The element that inspired this application was to be a # 39; using the convenience of his convenience: Baphomet. According to information from Hollywood Reporter, this is the main argument on her & # 39; the collection:

Baphomet is a complex history divinity, and becomes associated with allegations of demons by the Knight Templar Jacques de Molay. Baphomet is historically represented by the head of a goat in an old woman related to Lilith, a figure of Jewish incentives that came to be regarded as the diary of the night. It is a classical visionary representation of a Baphomet idea that was created in 1856 or surrounded by a historian historian known as Eliphas Levi.

Lucien Graves, who founded the Temple of Satan, settled his case through Twitter where he was said: "So one of the most obvious copyright bills will end." He also asked that this case be refused; Undoubtedly, there is an amazing demand because the topic itself promotes. Anyway, with issues organized "friendly" Sabrina hidden world You can follow your course freely and be as controversial, dark and fun as it has ever been.

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