Satanists will complain Netflix for "Sabrina" and a & # 39; win


Satanists who fought Netflix for the "Sabrina" series – and won

On October 26, Netflix released "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" and welcomed fans and critics. A satanic satellite from the US had a little less joy than the new series. They saw the poor story like their copyright breach.

The Netflix section helped to use a character in the series that was clearly broadcast from an image of the Satanic temple. In fact, the image of Baphomet in the series is very similar to the sculpture that serves the department as a means of its belief.

Above the profile of the department, below from the series:

As early as the end of October, the agency was at risk to & # 39; committing Netflix crime for 50 million. Netflix and Warner Bros, which are converted into the series, did not comment on the # 39; first, so the sect made a real risk.

Not only did they invade Netflix for the 50 million dams, but also wanted the image to be removed from the series. This was announced by the regional spokesman Lucien Greaves, through Twitter.

Although the Baphomet figures were already in the early nineteenth century, but the figures of the section have a particular feature: the body is a man's upper body and not a woman. And that's just how the figure is displayed in the "Sabrina" series.

Photograph of Baphomet from 1854. Picture: Wikipedia

It seemed that Netflix seems to be too hot, because the giant decided to make the law in comparison with the world. The sect and Greaves are usually referred to as credits of the series as the author of the image. In addition, there may have been a sum not distributed to the department.

After all, for Greaves to a large extent, even though it is still unhappy with the series. Accordingly, the Netflix series provides a totally misleading image of Satanism and attracted populist in a & # 39; dig. (Pls)

What else does Netflix write for:

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What does God think about creating creatures:

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