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The mid-media elections have been held for a fortnight, and as voters are still counted in parts of the country, voting fraud is still a tough issue. "Saturday Night Live" was introduced into a talk with the November 17 cold episode that Kate McFinnon saw his / her; Return to the "Ingraham Angle" desk as Laura Ingraham. But the sketch did not stop there – referring to Facebook, Nancy Pelosi and the Vape God, who Kinnon as Ingraham said he was "a real person to show me."

McKinnon from Ingraham started the sketch by casting a voting voting fraud "allowed Democrats to always steal the election."

"Some women have said that suburban women are again opposed to their Republican party, but it does not seem to be better than all Hispanics vote twice? You can not remove that idea just because it's not true and it's awful, "she said.

That is directed to include "feelings", which she says that there are things that are not really true; feel they are – as "Latin a child can be every three months; Santa is the father of Jesus; [and] blackberry is the proposal. "

Cecily Strong returned as Judge Jeanine Pirro to discuss specific examples of poor voting that appeared, such as Georgians' abusers. spend thoughts to vote many times. She showed a picture of Tyler Perry, who said she had voted in Atlanta, but then went into her car and changed to Madea and was at risk of white voters.

"There seems to be a huge increase in what people want to get stacked," she said, "where many babies get together on a firewall and then vote as an adult. I can not start to have Klumping, where one person sets out as a family of five. "

She said she had to keep Pirro accountable, MacKinnon asked how Ingra said where she heard this. "In a Bass Pro Shop parking car," she answered.

Alex Moffat as Mark Zuckerberg pointed out to answer questions about the Facebook relations of a public relations company that participated in the smear campaign against George Soros. Although he refused to know their partnership, he had been a lot of focus on & # 39; look like human – remembering it to be careful to & # 39; bend and split into spontaneous dancing, for example – not to; gives a lot of information.

"I can not be more visible, can you see my skin?" He tried to dress. "I think the problem is when I do bad things, I'll get money. What? Dab!"

Leslie Jones came in as Marcia Fudge, who spoke to Nancy Pelosi in the sketch, saying she is "corrupt" and says "GOP has used his name against [Democrats] but the Republicans have never had a way of doing fun – a medium black black woman called Fudge. "She also launched a series of" old style "style, which includes saying that she was so old" Rosetta ". showing a poorer side, continued to say by saying that the real reason why it should be considered as Speaker of the House as it could move "black vote", to send spelling tools in the Fox News office.

Watch a clip from November 17 cold open below:

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