Saudi Arabia A mountain trip to the "Al-Maghamsi" can save two from a & # 39; drowned in lunch in Adqas hill in Madinah


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The first soldier, Adel Al-Moghamsi, was one of the guardians in the Medina area
From his trip to Ben Adqus, while two were rescued – after the devolution of God – they were drowned,
He brought them out and they did the first aid they needed and they moved one to the hospital, with help
Friends of the trip.

The "maggots" of "advance" on the last Saturday morning: "We met
With friends in this beautiful vacant atmosphere, he decided to take a walk in the Adqus mountain of one of the town's mountains,
We arrived at seven in the morning and we went up to the mountain and enjoyed the falls and we ate food
Lunch ".

"At 4:00 pm, we decided to leave and leave
The place and at the shore I heard a friend's voice seeking a riot for two men in a water bath I made
By streaming to a place of dispute and decided that someone was in a position; drowning and the other at the bottom of the loch
We do not know that she went down again to save her first person and she got out of the bath and went back
And twisting to the bottom; Poles at a depth of about two meters and the other unknown driver's drive.

"After God's reconstruction I made him a piper revival for five
Almost only a few minutes and thank God Almighty to return awareness and began to; breathing and out of the water
His lungs and the position of his head in a great way to make the breath easier, and laid down on the mountain
Help friends to drop a mobile phone network in a & # 39; hill to call for emergency and ambulance.

He said: the first person who was cleansed from intense wet and the behavior of the second was helped,
They were moved to the nearest health center and then to the General Hospital of Meqat and then to King's Hospital
Fahd Medina, we ask God Almighty to be & # 39; giving them a quick revival, and doing
What we have done directly to his honorable cause.

Media spokesman for defense protection in the Medina district, Colonel Khaled Mubarak
Al-Juhani said that he was one of his civil servants of his home; first soldier Adel al-Moghamsi, when he was present
The trip to Mount Adqis, the third largest in Medina on Saturday, is a coincidence with my case
He was drowned for two, but only for the start and removal of two cases and first aid work
And one was transferred to the hospital and the other in good health.

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