Saudi Arabia brings more than one million visa Umrah


The number of Umrah's discovery that Egypt had received from the beginning of the season for the year 1440 H has exceeded 300, to reach the number of tourism companies that contract the contracts In the 1140 Business Companies Chamber, participate to participate in the Umrah season at the moment. According to the decision of the High Committee for HajjSouth Westerly

This occurs at a time when the number of Umrah dishes was awarded for this year 1440 H from the desert side of 1,176,746, according to the Umrah Index, to the number of people who came to -mach to the United Kingdom 868,239 Muammar, and the number of pilgrims in the United Kingdom 327,631 Mu & tamur, which is 227,770 in Mecca, 99,861 in Medina, long & as they recorded how 540,608 trainees were trained; left after Umrah was done and visited.

The first voyages to the birth of the Birth of Egypt in Egypt then went to Saudi Arabia on the basis of the Ministry of Tourism's decision to open the early door of Umrah, Tours are launched this week and the tourism companies are currently promoting program marketing for the Umrah season.

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