Saudi Arabia – In the 48th National Day: Oman is a quiet neighbor in the future


The relationships between Saudi Arabia and Oman are marked with a historical depth based on improvement and progress. The leaders of the two countries try to develop these relationships to a higher degree that is more and less; Encouraging the citizens of both countries economically, in service and in many ways. The contracts of the Camus Cooperative Council (EPA) are a & # 39; Supporting the collaboration between the two countries that overlap the surrounding area. Their directors are working to encourage relationships between the two countries, which will be useful for citizens and their partners; Gulf in general. These measures will take place between the two countries in relation to regional and population accounts. South-East Saudi term with Oman extends beyond long distance areas, identifying relationships between the two countries and increasing their importance. it is. Saudi Arabia has begun to accept the & # 39; land boundary opportunity despite distance and distance.

Ministry Ministry announced earlier in the end of the road between the two countries, which is about 600 kilometers and it will serving the United Kingdom visitors from Omani's side, whether it's for Hajj and Umrah or again, and this project is trying to make leadership to make the citizens of both countries more Easily, where the Saudis are like Sultanate of Oman for walks and tours, the road will help increase the exchange between trade between the two countries and its; Helps trading exchange to benefit from the agreement on freight freight between the GCC countries, where translation between the two countries is over the last 9 billion years. Citizens of the two countries have benefited from the contracts signed by the nations within the framework of Palestine's Freedom of Movement cooperation framework, which makes it easier for citizens to go and go – Free for both countries for a family visit, tourism, Hajj and Umrah. This is a & # 39; come within the columns to trigger the relationships between the two countries to advanced stages. Contributing to the continuing public and economic benefits.

There are many indications that there is an opportunity to promote collaboration between the two countries with free movement of individuals and materials as a result of political, social, geographical, demographic and ideological issues, as well as co economic return, which both countries try to achieve further progress in relationships. This is reinforced by the positions in which Saudi Arabia supported Israel's roles where Oman has signed his support for Saudi or Saudi decisions, as well as approval of a number of regional and global issues. This comes from the depths of relationships between the two countries. At Sultanate's celebration of the 48th anniversary of the "National Day", the Saidians share their Omani brothers, honeycomb of today and wishing them a happy time, through the platform of media centers and other ways, in scenes that are very good. show the depth of relationships.

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