Saudi Arabia invests US $ 6.7 billion


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Saudi Arabia raised US $ 6.7 billion in US debt instruments, financial bills and bonds in September, with 4 percent, the largest increase since April when it placed $ 9 billion in a month.
According to the Department of Finance data published on its website on Sunday, Saudi investments in US debt instruments amounted to $ 176.1 billion instead of $ 169.5 billion in August.
Saudi Arabia is the 10th largest host in the & # 39; relations market, Treasurer of the US and expanded the gap with Taiwan with $ 10 billion, which came to 11th place from June.
Saudi Arabia is the largest increase in investments among the top 10 countries in September, with China holding its base at $ 1.151 trillion, down $ 14 billion from August, cut $ 1 billion to $ 1.028 billion in second place, followed by Brazil, with a balance of between 800 million and 317 billion dollars, and Ireland, which simultaneously removed $ 25 billion to a balance of $ 290.4 billion . The United Kingdom, with up to 4 billion deposits to 276.3 billion dollars, Luxembourg, which increased 3 billion deposits to 227 billion dollars, reached 226.9 billion dollars, down 5 billion dollars from August, and Cayman Islands with 199.4 billion dollars, followed by Hong Kong in the nineteenth place with a value of 192.3 billion dollars, a billion dollar reduction, and Saudi Arabia in tenth places and about 16 billion dollars from the ninth place.
So Saudi Arabia has promoted its treasures in US Treasuries and Treasuries since Donald Trump over US $ 64 billion, up from $ 112 billion in December 2016.
Since Trump was the president of the United States, Saudi Arabia has moved into an attack to invest in US debt instruments. During its first year, the United Kingdom raised its $ 35 billion deposits to $ 147.4 billion in December 2017, before it grew in 9 months of the year $ 22 billion is worth it.
The countries of Arab countries were invested in bills and Finance Department bonds at the end of March to around 287.5 billion dollars (1.08 trillion Saubha proofs).
According to analysis by the Economist Economic Reports Unit, based on the Treasury data, 11 Arab countries have invested assets in the US Treasuries, accounting for 4.6 per cent of the $ 6.29 trillion in the world of global investments in these bundles.
Saudi Arabia was describing its & # 39; proportion of a lion of Arab deposits in US Treasuries and Treasures with a 52.6 per cent stake, with $ 151.2 billion worth ($ 567 billion), accounting for 2.4 per cent of world investments in the United States debt engine, Ongoing
The United Arab Emirates came second with investments of SR 59.2 billion (SR222 billion), representing 20.6% of Arab investment, 0.9 per cent of global investments, and Kuwait with investments of US $ 36.9 billion (SR 138 billion) 12.8% of Arab markets and 0.6% of global investments.
Iraq with investments of US $ 21.7 billion (SR 81.5 billion) representing 7.6 per cent of Arab investments, 0.3 per cent of world investments and Oman with US $ 12 billion (45 billion Saudi Kingdom) investments Of the Arab investments and 0.2% of the world's investments.
Egypt is a sixth level with investments of $ 2.1 billion (7.9 billion Saudi assumptions), representing 0.7 per cent of Arab deposits, 0.03 per cent of world investments and Morocco with investments of $ 1.8 billion ( $ 6.8 billion) Producing 0.6 per cent of Arab deposits and 0.03 per cent of world investments.
Bahrain was eighteenth with investments of $ 815 million (SR 3.1 billion), representing 0.3 percent of Arab investment and 0.01 percent of world investments.
The Ninth, Mauritania, with investments of $ 796 million (3 billion Saudi government), representing 0.3 percent of Arab markets and 0.01 per cent of global investments. In Algeria, Algeria, with investments of $ 681 million (SR 2.6 billion), there were 0.2 per cent of Arab deposits and 0.01 per cent of world investments.
Finally, Qatar has invested $ 264 million (SR1 billion), representing 0.1 percent of Arab deposits and 0.004 percent of world investments.

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