Saudi Arabia regulates about 2.1 million people who will be in charge of the EU. breach of occupancy regulations and working rules within one year


RIYADH – The pause authorities said that field campaigns that were launched over the next year from November 15, 2017 to the same day of this year were to go to; capture some 2.1 million people who broke the occupancy, employment and security of the borderSouth Westerly

The authorities said on Friday that it was 209,607 the total number of breaches carried by security and co-security initiatives in all parts of the United Kingdom, including 1622,218 to break the residential system, 323435 and # 39; fighting the law and 150,418 troops fighting the border security system,"He said.

A total of 35,478 people were arrested as long as they were. trying to overcome the border into the United Kingdom, and 52% of them were Yemeni citizens, 45% of Ethiopians, 3% of the nations and 1673 were held to do so; trying to override the outside of the United Kingdom.South Westerly

She indicated that those involved in the movement and occupancy of occupants of occupiers of residence and the systems and security and boundary security of the arrested people were recorded 2985 peopleSouth Westerly

The total number of arrested citizens wanted to be involved in a & # 39; conduct or build anomaly 848, and 820 were completed and released. The authorities are able to; complete the enforcement of the rules against the remaining 28 saintsSouth Westerly

According to the authorities, the total number of those currently under commissioning is 13536, and includes 11,620 males and 1916 womenSouth Westerly

The control of 33,491 breach, 301,443 a & 39; affecting their diplomatic campaigns for travel documents, 366,851 opposed to travel preservation, and 54,107 electricitySouth Westerly

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