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Sami Al-Maghamsi (Cairo)

The first Saudi basketball team had a & # 39; reflecting all expectations of Egypt running to achieve a Arab basketball competition 23 as a host of hospitality; Competition and one of the most famous African teams in this game. B & # 39; The second name for Algeria giants is one of the strongest African teams. , And he gave a gift to the country, because this was a This is an extension to the sporting achievement achieved in other games to prove that Saudi Arabia is present in each sport forum.

Saudi Arabia Cupa Basket Basket Arab (23), despite the short preparation period, started with a camp within Jeddah in 6 days, led by the national coach Ali Al-Sanhani and Khaldun Al-Mawlid, under the direction of the Mustafa Al-Qabali Brigadier and Naji Al-Saqr administration. The winners of Marzouq Al Mouloud, Khalid Abdul Jabbar, Naif Al Thailabi à Al Ahli, Yazid Falata, Masab Qadi of Al Ansar, Abdulrahman Falata à Al Wahda, Muthanna Al Marwani, Mohammed Al Marwani of Al Ittihad, Fahd Al Salik, Abu Ghlas, Ahmad Al-Mukhtar from (one), Muhammad Al-Suwailem from (Al-Hilal), Ayoub Al-Husawi from Nasr), and our national team played a friendly match with Al Ittihad's camp and then He left for Cairo to participate in the & # 39; competition.

Green Trail

It was not easy for the national team to take part in the competition, especially with the teams involved in the competition; strong competition. Despite leaving the green at the beginning and her; lost to Bahrain in the first 75/68 festival match, and also lost the second game against Algeria 90/85, and after those losses succeeded in starting with the UAE team. win 65/79, to face the host of the Egyptian team and lose for the third time in a 74/58 competition, and fourth place in the situation and meet again with the Egyptian team and Successful with Saudi Green in an application by " winning 69/70, Named for the Egyptian team to win the outcome of the meeting, and be suited to make it Algerian team faces and won the 80/85 wins and won Arab Cup after 21 years, particularly since the Arab League was held in Beirut in 1997.

Achievement in heroic eyes

Saudi Saudi Basketball Champion Abdulrahman Al-Massaad congratulated the Chairman of the Turki Al-Sheikh Sport Authority and his Deputy Abdulaziz Bin Turki Al-Faisal on the performance of his war. The team thanked the players and the technical and administrative staff for their effort and work that made it happen; the Arab competition. With regard to the team leader, Brigadier Mustafa Al-Qabli, support and continuation of the President of the Abdulrahman Al-Massaad before and during his competition, praise of technical staff led by Ali Al-Senhani and her born Khaldoon assistant, who praised the long-term players and achieved the Arab title.

"The war was difficult and it was not easy, especially because the challenges faced by the team were very difficult and the wounds that affected the team, but thanked God we exceeded the whole situation and won broadcast, "said Ali Al-Sanhani's national coach.

The captain of our national team, Ayoub Hosawi, commented on his performance as a successful deserve to attack his / her; competitors, but we got back on every competition despite the strength of their competition and the Arab title, representing returning their performances to a Saudi basket.

Arab rivers to the green basket

At the same time, Arab Union President and Major General of UAE Basketball, Ismail Gergawi, congratulated President of the Sports Sport Sports League, when there was a Green Cup for a League Arabian deserves to make progress from one game to another until he reached his / her; In the upcoming Asian staff.

President of the Egyptian President and Former President of the Arab Union, Dr. Majdi Abu Farikha, the Saudi team level, who developed the Arab title after giving him an incredible degree and was a difficult problem in broadcasting that was strong and tough, and how successful and He was a crown for himself as a warrior at the Arab Cup. The leader of the Omani Alliance and a member of the Farid Al-Zadjali Arab League advocated Saudi team to " winning the Arab fighting after winning the strongest African team of Egypt and Algeria, a promising team and most of the young players and I expect their future and that they are strong in the & # 39; final in the Noise Competition.

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