Saudi Arabia Transport: 8 projects for traffic safety with 773 million compensation agencies


RIYADH – The Ministry of Transport has begun the operation of 8 projects for the cost of cost savings of 773 million compensators, to improve and improve the safety of its road network.

His ministry in a Sunday statement said that these contracts are part of what they are doing. contributing to the road safety initiative and reducing the death of traffic disasters in line with the aims of the United Kingdom 2030 vision, to make the roads safer and safer.

She said that these projects come within the 23 projects that the Ministry intends to implement in 3 years at a cost of around 2.2 billion wedding.

The Ministry said that the implementation of these projects would increase the number of deaths; arise due to traffic collisions on the Ministry's road network, as well as issuing equivalent to 4.4 billion annuity contracts on the number of losses of accidents.

Saudi Transportation Minister said that the integration of engineering services is one of the projects that are being implemented to build road traffic safety levels, and three projects for the safety of traffic safety.

The contracts also include three warning alert projects, as well as their # 39; project to establish and run the National Center for Road Safety, and its contract was signed.

These included being & # 39; fencing or high-wire wire on the roads, equipped with safety elements from gateways, animal seals, reflective signs and signs on animal transport areas, as well as a project for the protection of road-based road lightpools.

Projects also include the development of interconnections and connecting areas on the roads in the United Kingdom, as well as its. project to provide some dangerous visits and areas of riding and lobbying barriers.

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