Saudi division is camping in Cairo preparing for unity


Saudi, Al-Baten team, lasting for 8 days in the capital of Cairo Cairo, ends up preparing for the Mohammed bin Salman Cup games, and the team is expected to return on Sunday.

The Al-Samawi team played several exercises during morning and afternoon, including two friendly games, and miss the first 3-1 to Al-Masri Al-Barossaidi and his & her; winning the second 3-1 Al-Sharqiyah team.

Yousif al-Ghadeer, a coach only did not coach, and Training on Saturday morning but, trying to break players from training Afternoon.

Al Ghadeer played players for the first two teams who participated in the east game, and this followed a test exercise, while & # 39; the second group was over an innovative task.

Al-Batin 13 has been standing up with eight points and is against Al-Wahda Thursday in the tenth round of the league.

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