Saudi Frans inviting shareholders to attend Annual General Meeting (1st meeting)


Introduction Board of Directors of Banque Saudi Fransi is happy to ask its shareholders to attend the Annual General Meeting Location and city of the General Assembly Eighth floor at headquarters headquarters and bank in King Saud Road (formerly Al-Maha) in Riyadh Attach at the meeting Date of General Assignment 1440-04-04, 2018-12-11 At the time of the General Assembly 18:30 Right of attendance Fairness of file shareholders' attendance to Bank Depository shareholders at the end of the trading session before they met the # 39; General Grade and in accordance with regulations and regulations. The quorum required to call the Assembly In accordance with Article (32) of the Bank and Bank Articles, the quorum for the General General Meeting is to; Bank to be present at shareholders representing at least 25% of the capital. If the quorum is complete, the second meeting will be held once after the time specified for its purpose; First meeting, And the second meeting will be valid, regardless of the number of shares represented. Agenda Item Vote on the following items:

1 – Members of the Board of Directors will be selected from the applicants for the membership of the Council for the next session, which is starting from 01/01/01/01 and for a period of three years ending in 2021/12/12 AD. (Curriculum Vitae)

The voting will be made using the voting device gradually, indicating that the polling results are copied; allows the Bank to appoint the minimum number of independent members of the Board in accordance with regulatory requirements, the votes they will be replaced will be replaced by independent members.

2 – Vote to create the Audit Committee for the new session, which starting from the date 01/01/01/01 for a period of three years ending on 2021/12/31 and its duties and employee remuneration and salary (CV), that is:

Mohammed Ali bin Hassan Brothers.

Bader bin Abdullah Al – Issa.

Mohammed bin Othman al – Foaie.

Power of appeal Electronic voting The registered partners are able to vote on General Assembly meetings during the electronic voting service starting at 10:00 am on Friday 1440/03 / 29H corresponding to 2018/12/07 and to 4:00 pm On Tuesdays 1440/04 / 04H to respond to 2018/12 / 11M, through our business, a & # 39; Note that the registration and voting of trading services is available free of charge to all divisors. More Information The right to register the presence of the meeting of the Assembly will end at the time of its meeting; Meeting, and the voting right on the objects of the Assembly to finalize attendees at the end of the session; counting committee for counting of votes.

The owner has the right to appoint another person who is not a member of the Board of Directors or staff of a Bank that is not assigned to carry out a technical or continuous management function for his account present -signings certified by one of the Commercial and Business Rooms when the divident is connected to one or the company is a legal or legal entity, a licensed Bank or a licensed person in the United Kingdom, long and have a & # 39; user to the bank, the devolved person who is & # 39; confirmation, the public notary or the persons who wish to carry out the provenance actions, and to give a copy of the power of appeal to the word Àir. 4037261/011, The Riyadh Bank has a pension pension, PO Box 56006, Riyadh 11554, or an office of the Secretary General, Secretary of the Board of Directors. The date for a & # 39; get a copy of the groups at least two days before the date of the Assembly. (Form of appeal power attached)

Attempts to share a decision are required to arrive at a meeting place at least one hour before the meeting to complete the registration process, with the declaration of identity and the source of power of the lawyer. To ask, contact the Owner's Businesses at 0112891136 0112891179 or 0114037261 or by email [email protected] sa.

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