Saudi News – Accepting a citizen who was burned by a "subordinate gun" on his brother north of Taif


The family was kept inside the house. A security man and ambulance was injured

Palestine burned on a randomly domestic gun burst from a house interior it was taken up in the northern area of ​​Taif province on Saturday morning, injuring his brother and a security guard with small injuries. Several wounds were severely injured. One of the paralysis was injured.

The sources said they were "in advance": a citizen's presence inside a house in the north of Taif, and may have been a kind of "submachine" in the possession of a firearm And then to shoot a shot that his brother struck in his; wife after a dispute between them inside the house.

She said: Following the presence of the Red amp ambulance and the presence of security guardians just the situation, through the hospital, the keeper started to shoot shots and randomly, before Enjoy the patient and his health.

The sources were added: Six additional support teams were employed, and four teams have taken part in health.

She continued: A security defender was injured slightly by shrapnel as a result of uncertain shooting with the criminals, rest of the family inside the house, including women.

A number of security authorities placed the front of the house until the person who made the army himself and the army were burned by the security guards. It was kept up and it was given to the police, who stopped him until he took legal action against him.

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