Saudi News – Does December last support for the Citizens' Account?


Citizens' account received several inquiries on Sundays on bids that it is the December program income. Although the citizens' account has been confirmed several times it is there, it fears that the program will end by the end of 2018, which was rejected by the Citizen Census Service several times. The answer of the citizen's response to these questions is as follows: "There is no time of support, the program is set, and you meet the selection options and the electoral criteria will be offered to you every month." "The user account is still standing," she said. A citizen's account is described earlier to meet the selection options in the program for being registered in the Saudi nationalism, but only the son and daughter of citizenship and spouse or woman who is not Saudi Arabia and keepers of movement cards.

It is also essential to obtain support that the householder permanently resides within the United Kingdom so that he has not been in a position; live outside the United Kingdom for over 90 days in the last 12 months. The Citizens Account Program aims to directly and indirectly influence the economic reforms of Saudi families at risk. The subsidy value includes an increase in changes in fuel and electricity prices after rectification, as well as its. The impact of an added value to food and drink value. Registration is made through the citizen's port site and the following data will be inserted (identity number, birth date, mobile number), and follow the steps to make the registration process & # 39; finishing easily. The program of citizen's account, which was deposited on Sunday Sunday, ended the support given to the eleventh session of beneficiaries in their requests in the citizen's account.

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