Saudi News – "Rakan Al – Enezi" Evidence of drama and confidence … Father: Here's the preliminary information


Awad al-Enezi, the 16-year-old Rakan father, who delivered the poem yesterday said, according to the Keeper of the two King of St. King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his & 39; chrùn, about his son and how he trained on his / her; pulpit and he was greatly motivated despite fear of the situation. His presence and translating his text is very interesting to audiences and spectators from the back of his screen, despite young age; He alerted his feelings with a talent that was flowing.

His father said in accordance with "advance": "Ahmed Allah began the real success of the past yesterday's service, and my son's presence and excellence in dumping, and the Rakan son is a ; experience in drama on delivering a poem on National Day in front of The Prince of the North Front; " And before his son yesterday; He explained: "The son of the organization was involved in the provisions of his confidence in dumping, and he was a great job, and thanked God and with support from the local reporter and officers are worthy of confidence, and they have succeeded yesterday. He is a fan of the pulpit and a poetry family who poems poetry and he has written, and also he has many poetry attempts and a lot of partnership. "" The situation is undoubtedly terrible, but God knows that the great and deep joy is: how the king can not, – The Two Sacred Mosks, the Muslim Imman, will be present, and their crown prince too? My son spoke on behalf of the area and he welcomed all of them, this great and proud is Standing in front of the strong king and confirming Mohamed in a carnival good for any poet be. "

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