123 Part V on the TRT1 channel You see it translated into Arabic through the site of the light


The Turkish flagship series has begun again Artagirl Series With a Arabic Arabic language translator site, which started on. A quarter of a year ago, to the last night's episode, the episode 123 Resurrection Artagrel, this is the second episode of the fifth season, after the show on the Turkish TRT1 channel, and the – Dawa's television channel on the afternoon of Thursday next to mark the 123 linear sequences of the English translation translator to Arabic, it is special that the series is First broadcast broadcasting through the Turkish channel called TRT, and Wednesday every week at 8:30 pm, Between the Artegral Resurrection translation to Arabic, in a day Next Thursday , at the eighth hour on the Al-Dawa channel screen, the same television version translates to the new programs each week.

You can also follow the following sections of a number of satellite channels such as the Al Sharq channel, Al Yarmouk channel, Channel 4 Shabab and a satellite channel in Germany, where you are introduced into the Arabic language , and we will put your dates on these famous channels on your day. A summary of the events that take place in the next series of the series, especially after the Arab events; Arab people had to be unhealthy, have been waiting for the Arab observer on the warmest battles that show the heavy trumpet for his & her; fifth season, is the production company based on the work of the fifth part of the series to complete the series A The resurrection of Ertugrul, then to represent Osman's resurrection.

Episode 123 Serial Artagarl

Episode 123 Serial Artagarl

Artagirl Series

Show a series of Artagirl on the light spot

The translated translation of the Arabic language, from the series Aisling Argerel, Three of the drama light sites online translate, so that a large number of fans of the famous Turkish series in the Arab world, follow all the programs translated into Arabic easily , broadcast after a day of the show in Turkey, and now Al-Nour got the live broadcast right after the Turkish TRT channel program, and has not completed a long time on its # 39; a translation process, and many fans on the Artegirl ferry have been waiting for the warmest programs of the series. The TRT1 channel, at a frequency of 10928, appears over Trans-Sat, with direct polarization and 3000 code factor.

Artagirl Series

Turkish series


The Wednesday light site, the 123th series of Ertagrl, is translated into Arabic-speaking Arabic language, and the Arab spectator, has continued on the eighth Wednesday afternoon, or Thursday on the light site, or on Thursday afternoon on Satellite Da's channel, at eight o'clock in Egypt, What is the only Arabic translation of the new program, which is shown on the TRT Turkish TV channel, which is given a day later , due to the time spent in the translation process, and this series is re-instigated by Artgrel, one of the most successful Turkish series, Many other exhibitions, and the distribution My Events are the stories in the Antioquia and Aleppo regions, where the attacks of the Tatars and the Crusaders sank on the south-east side of Asia.

  • One of the most prominent events in the first series of Osman Ben Artagarl's fifth injured season.
  • Where Osman interconnected some of a band that attempted to turn off an old man.
  • Othman returns to the tribe and is handled by Doctor Artuk.
  • It was discovered that this event was co-ordinated by Othman by some deputies in the tribe.
  • Although Artegurl recites the Mongols that attacked the Seljuk state land, he has made him move to fight them.
  • The Mongols will succeed at & # 39; The first outbreak, where they can win and capture Artagarl's army.
  • Mughal's president attempts to kill Artgrel but one of Elagar's fierce men is rescuing him.

In this new week's program, Àir. 123, Artgrel's motions begin to start; provoking the leader of the Mughal forces of the land, where he is already killing Kara, the one who killed some of the tribe after he had rejected and signaled his marks; complain the increase established by Mongols At the value of taxes and market prices.

New program promo

The official Al-Nour website published via Twitter Promo 124 of the series. The promotion of the third episode of the fifth part of Argerel's resettlement presents many of the major events, and its. shows that some of the differences between Artagarl and Osman are due to the one that appears For the first time in & # 39; fifth season, the promo has inspired the fans of the series, waiting to show the program on the warmest wars.

Artagirl Series

Photograph of the events of the Artigaral resurrection

Series of Artagirl series

  • The Artgrel series attracts around 3 billion fans worldwide.
  • Which is shown at a weekly bend level, where it lasts up to two and a half hours.
  • The work is also done on the business and the restoration of the decorative work in the new season of the series.
  • The series of Artogaral restoration has attracted much attention through social networking sites.
  • Especially from Turkish drama fans, that interest has emerged after the start of the show shows a quarter.
  • The Turkish legendary series incorporates historical material related to the pre-resurrection of the Ottoman caliphate by director Artgrel.
  • A story about the heroist Artagarl, who dropped the ground from attacks with the Crusaders, Tatars and Romans.
  • Despite the various dramas that are in place; showing self-history, the story and spirit of this work has been a major musician.

The Artagirl series includes Turkish lists:

As well as managing the thriving world of the Turkish series Aisling Argerel, In order to control the lists and centers in the Turkish drama itself, in terms of the highest and highest spectators, they received the severity of the President of Turkey himself, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Sitting in Turkey is presenting a series concert review, has been a long time in Turkey, To encourage the team to work on improving performance for the better, A series of filmed events of Artegrl, in the village of Riva, overlooking the beautiful shore on the shore; Black Sea, around Picos in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, has been the team in the past, Episodes of the series, due to a sudden fire in the A & # 39; main image images, but the loss has already been avoided, and the ending of normal images.

With the Argerel series and distributed in many countries and continents, and then translated into many languages, it was essential that there would be a global platform for headquarters, The public day of the series shows the new exhibition, and to inform the public channels that show all the programs of the series, and the recent Ertagarl Shah A submission has been released through Android to work made and loved among the fans of the series to continue that important information about their favorite rows.

Aisling Argerel

Download ArtGarrell

Episode 122 An Aisling Argerel

  • Episode 122 is the first program of the new season and it's a happening at a different time than the last season.
  • In the resurrection of Argerel, the supporter who is a brave attack, who is making the way for the establishment of the large Ottoman caliphate, appearing.
  • That empire was left out of Antioch, and collapsed through the Middle East, and part of Europe.
  • And then the Egyptians and North Africa also arrive, and continue to glory for up to six centuries.
  • And you, my observer, understand that Artagrill Part V is restored to & # 39; See changes in the course.
  • Where the events focus on some of the effects that the Armed weapons hit in that historic period.
  • As well as the efforts to kill and commit crime, he was among the sultans and the princes.
  • The first season of the series began on 10 December 2014, and # 39; Presenting the exhibition ends four years.
  • Where the episodes of the first session were 26 programs, the second was 35 programs; longer, and the third season with 30 episodes.

Artagirl Season

Photographs of the ArtGrill series

ArtGarl is the site of light

He gives you Location of light The first series of programs is translated from that series, and then it's a # 39; invite, but show the day series full of the date of the original show, so Artegrel fans first Where they grow warmer every week to continue the # 39; a new program, and that the benefits of this site are completely free and open all the time, not just for the rescue fans of Arttaral, but for all those who like Turkish drama drama work, In Arabian world You can find out what Google's easy access to the site is.

Artagirl Series

Al – Nour series

Show linear dates:

  • The Arabian player can follow all programs of the series Aisling Argerel, Translated or translated in Arabic easily.
  • And just on the screens of the following channels, such as channel call, East channel, Yarmouk channel.
  • Old Dawa, who offers a series of the new series at 9pm on Thursday, Saudi Arabia.
  • The re-play weekly program will be 1:30 pm on the next God.
  • As well as 4 Shabab, which will be delivered at 9:00 pm on Sunday, the Egyptian period, and will return on Monday 9 m.
  • This special pack is available on Nilesat, an open channel, unfinished.
  • Channel Satellite Satellite also broadcast the series on weekdays only Thursday and Friday.
  • At 9:00 p.m. during KSA.
  • The Al Yarmouk channel will offer you the series Thursday at 7pm in Egypt.
  • This week, Al Noor brings the new program of Artegirl Resurrection, which is 123.

Artagirl Series

Fit Part V on the light site

Argerel restored the last season

The series is filming in one of the tribes on the Black Sea called Riva, and the series is liked to participate in the ban of Turkish celebrities and actors. With all Turkish media as well as the government, led by President of the Republic of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has been ruled Serial Aisling ArgerelThe fourth part has attracted a lot of attention among people who love Turkish drama. The fourth part has attracted the attention of people, where there is a problem and struggle growing, and a crisis is worse. The famous Turkish actor Engin Altan, Isra Belgic, and also Holly Drakan.

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