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4 uses you do not know how to affect blood pressure

Many people know that diet that is rich in fat, salts and sugars can be eaten by unoccupied lifestyle and injuries affecting blood pressure, because not only does high or low weight related estates, but diet, exercise and sleeping habits. List of hidden animals that affect the person's blood pressure, depending on the site "Health Line"He said.

There are no known species and have an impact on blood pressure


Take some medicines

People who use unprotected drugs can be able to; Treatment of blood pressure changes in their blood flow. These drugs do including anti-inflammatory drugs that include active substances such as naproxen and ibuprofen, which cause an increase in blood pressure.

It is also known that many drugs do not cause blood pressure.

Some medicines may be prescribed by the doctor to raise blood pressure, such as psychic drugs, control of oral birth, defensive immunization, cancer drugs and steroids. However, experts are It is recommended that people stop these drugs without contacting a doctor.

Coffee drink 1
Coffee drink

Coffee drink every day

Caffeine and coffee every day contribute to high blood pressure, so caffeine is reduced to less than 300 milligrams or about two to three cups of coffee per day, which help to avoid high blood pressure .

High blood pressure
High blood pressure

Food preparation and some food

Food supply and some food can lead to high blood pressure, and & # 39; including bottlenecks and home remedies that use materials such as liquor that can produce high blood pressure.

Food such as beef and poultry can make high levels of trams. This material can interact with disasters, which result in high blood pressure aggression.

Blood expressions

Some people suffer from temporary pregnancy, current conditions or worry about situations, make the doctor measure it for high blood pressure, and give him blood pressure medications, even though he does not; suffering from him.

So if the blood pressure levels are higher in the doctor's office, the amount of blood pressure at home gives an accurate picture of blood pressure in a normal environment with patients and patients, health care providers.

Prepare for reading blood pressure readings by entering and typing; Eat the eel, avoid cigarettes or caffeine for 30 minutes before measuring, sit quietly for a few minutes before reading it.

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