7 advice for teenagers and their parents to control psychological preoccupation and weird stress

When the induction and adolescence began, many signs appear and many physical and psychological changes have evolved; children, and the young people suffer from very bad movements, especially dementia, stress, stress and mental stress.

According to a study carried out by the American Sociological Society, 25% of young people have a & n; suffering from stress as a result of the study, with over 31% feeling sad or depressed, and 59% of the surveyors commented that time management was of great importance, and 35% They can sleep at night, and 23% lose their suffering.

In the subject of the article; Previously, we talked about the most important causes of stress and stress the struggle and struggle for youngsters.

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Having learned about the main causes of the psychological preoccupation of young people, Al Shorouq's reviews in the next report indicate how stress and a difficult problem for adolescents can be stressed at this important stage of life, by site – MomJunction web, which's gives psychological information to adolescents.


From school work, social life, and home, teenagers do not have time to sleep properly.
They are likely to be going home at nightends and they're going to go home. get out of there very early.
Relief is needed to get rid of an unusual tension because the body rests when its mind sinks, so help your teenager get some peace and sleep among some activities in the middle of the day which reduces its awareness of weird stress.

Corporate activity

Physical activity is one of the people who feel faster in teenagers, nothing is done. enjoying stress like running.
When you feel stress, go for a visit and you'll be able to. feeling better after that.
Parents should encourage their children with teenagers to work to keep their body healthy and healthy and confident; tension from mind.

3 – healthy eating

Healthy food is needed to build the tension in the & # 39; body body.
Eating a good measure of fruit, vegetables and food from milk and protein products, and avoid food as soon as possible; as possible, such as pizza, burglaries, hot dogs, and ice cream.
Place these places to healthy choices such as avocados, berries, dark chocolate, milk and turkey.

4. Parental support

Treating a teenager can be a challenge for many parents, but it's getting worse when they are getting worse; becoming weird and worried.
Punishment for a teenager for his negative behavior does not work, but you need to be on the side and understand the psychological changes that he or she does; go through and get better treated with his strange illness and not making it harder.

5. Focus onwards

Teen weight and stress can be worse by focusing on everything that is indirectly on his life. Parents of the teen should help to reminiscence of their strengths and how they can be used to deal with situations where they missed better.

6. Talk about it

Talking about psychological concerns is an effective medicine for stress, so it's not always difficult to talk to your parents.
Parents should also enjoy the children's feelings well and talk about their problems and their conversations to solve them faster.

7. Do what makes you happy
Allow your teenager to love or disrupt their mental, listening to music, and, play a game or watch a movie.

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