97 million shares of total Trading Stock Exchange

97 million shares of total Trading Stock Exchange
97 million shares of total Trading Stock Exchange

97 million Exchange shares total in Stock Exchange Kuwait Sakr News to bring out the evidence We & # 39; 97 million full Division total share of Exchange Stock Kuwait, 97 million Exchange shares total Exchange Stock Kuwait We will send us Latest News Today through our Saqr News and ours; starting with the main news, Kuwait.

Kuwait Stock Exchange traded yesterday every week on the decline of the general index 12.9 points to reach 5088.8 points, 0.25%.
The total number of things that are & # 39; 97.3 million indexes through the 3666 business value of 10.4 million dinars (approximately 34.42 million dollars).
The equivalent measurement dropped 14.8 points to 4732.3 points, or 0.31%, by 81.8 million total shares on an exchange of 2337 business worth 3.7 million dinars (approximately $ 12.21 million).
The index slipped 11.9 points to reach 5285.14 points, or 0.22%, through a number of shares of 15.5 million shares by costing 6.6 million worth of value; engines (about 21.78 million dollars).
The companies «Syria» and «trade» and «Centers» and «Asia» and «feelings» are the highest, and the «Aayan» and «Petrogolf» and «Syria» and «Ithmaar» and «Agwan» The most frequent decline was recorded by Boubyan, ACICO, Sangerji, Al Khaliji and Kafiq.
Al-Khair Al-Watania and north-west companies are announcing that they have been selling their department; company in Al-Mal departments, as well as producing material from Reem Real Estate. South Westerly
The retailers continued to announce that a new member of Ras Al Khaimah's board would be to make skeletal and construction materials, Following the Exchange Stock Kuwait news release to "sell and register" trusts to support the account of the Department of Implementation Department in the Ministry of Justice.
Companies listed on the first market will be subject to an annual audit, which is a. including other companies and an increase that meets technical levels, and its move those that were closed to their main market or to # 39; auction market.
The main market includes companies with good liquidity that allow them to trade with the need to; Compliance with the listed requirements are in force, and the market components will also be subject to annual monitoring to ensure they fulfill the requirements.
The auction market for companies that do not meet the requirements of primary and primary markets and low and low-cost supplies in relation to supply and demand supplying; used.

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