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A fungal deadly disease is sweeping the world out and it's curative

It is deadly fungal diseases that are sweeping around the world and information that they cannot stop this article

Experts are warning that deadly fungal diseases, which have been vaccinated against drugs, are sweeping the world away.

The newly found bacterium, called Candida auris, can live on human skin and can use appliances such as furniture and hospital equipment for a long time.

This means that it can spread indirectly among patients and the disease which has been regenerated, especially those with a weak immune system, including babies and older people, who are most vulnerable.

Experts say that the most difficult thing is that Candida auris can be against three main types of antifungal drugs, leaving many medical doctors at doctors.

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Over the last five years this disease has had worldwide medical conditions, including the Newborn Unit in Venezuela and Spain.

The tenancy arrived in the United Kingdom in 2015, when the intensive care unit at Royal Brompton Hospital in London was closed for 11 days after the first.

In the USA there were 587 cases reported, mainly in New York, New Jersey and Illinois, referring to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) "Candida auris" t a list of "urgent threats".

Find a survey published last year in the magazine 'Emerging Infectious Diseases & # 39'; 45% of patients died within 90 days of receiving the disease.

Almost all samples from 51 patients were anti-fluconazole, a commonly used antifungal drug.

The fungal disease is a concern to health care experts as it cannot be used with existing medicines.

People with these drug-resistant diseases usually die shortly after they have become infected because of the unpredictable nature.

Most fungal and bacterial diseases can be stopped with drugs. But fungi and drug-resistant bacteria that are about to grow fast, prove that their treatment is targeted ineffective and allows the spread of disease.

To make matters worse, patients who are drug users are exposed to any symptoms, making them distributed informally.

Doctors and researchers are still uncertain about the causes of drug-resistant diseases, but they know that different parts of the world have different features of Candida auris, which make them think? not all fungi came from one place.

Some experts believe that the intense use of pests and other antifungal treatments causes Candida auris in different places around the same time.

Using pesticides, antibiotics and antibiotics significantly in crops and livestock, targeted fungi and bacteria can learn how to survive, regardless of cures.

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