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The World Health Organization (WHO) states that Europe has to record a number of cases that; measles last year, partly due to the growing number of focus where parents are experiencing. refuse to protect their children.

The World Health Organization's Europe, which covers about 900 million people, found that 82,600 people in 47 countries last year, the highest figure in the decades, and 72 of them died.

"At the same time, there are records on children who get a vaccine, raising the uncertainty of the number of diseases," WHO said in a statement published on Thursday. "Progress has been unbalanced across countries and within the country, leaving an increased level of vulnerable people Protecting, due to the number of people infected with HIV in 2018. "

Inflammatory is a virus of full disease. causes loss of hearing and brain abnormality in children, and may die in bad cases. Cover immunization initiatives should cover around 95 per cent of the population to prevent the spread of their virus according to euronews.

In many countries, vaccine campaigns are trying to prevent parents from being infected. Their children's vaccine, despite strong scientific evidence that vaccines are safe and effective.


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