A strong accident for Ahmed Zaher on Tamer Theater

On the social network sites, a video was featured featuring artist Ahmed Zaher, who had fallen dramatically when he was in a position; attending the Tamer Hosni concert held last Friday at Cairo Festival City.

Zaher rises the platform to give his friend Tamer Hosni, and his audience's instructions to the audience, saying: "Tamer Beekm yacht", and after his words Throughout his love and valuation of Hosni and delighted with his success, he lost his balance and dropped on the platform.

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Ahmed Zaher returns to the cinema with a new film called "Dungeon 7" and his " representing Nidal Shafi, Abeer Sabri, Menna Fadali and Maya Nasri, written by Hossam Musa and led by Abram Nashat.

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