After anecdote about his death … Dana Al-Olayan's report closed through "Ingestram" (Photographs)

After anecdote about her death ... Dana Al-Olayan's bill closed too

Well: Salah Hassan – News Erm

Without warning, the famous rapper Kuwaiti, Dana Al-Olayan, was closed on the Intergram Internet website after ten days of news about his death.

Countdown closure is & # 39; Followers from fans and some of its close partners without spreading news about its death and publishing any attack material.

There were some reports about the death of the famous rapper Kuwaiti, Dana Al-Olayan, especially through the Entangram and Twitter accounts, based on verbs from some people near his family, in a state of non-confidentiality.

"Kuwaiti rapper Dana Al-Olayan is a lovely song," she said. We are related to God and to him we are in; to return. "

There is no statement, or clarification from the family of Olayan, who can not deny or write; confirming news about the death, newsletters, and media media accounts, the news of his death without proof, waiting for any official news from her family, or her. The story was that the news was just a death.

Although a section of the public considered that Olayan's family had a verification that there was only a story about his death, the media was, in fact, a story of a death that was capable of being hiding a long time.

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