Al-Quds Al-Youm – Confidence of a citizen to stop an accident on Qassim's main road (video)

Posted 11 minutes ago – 2:19 AM, 11 Rabi & Awal 1440 AH, November 19, 2018 AD

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Abdullah al-Shadadi, who lived in the Al-Hamajah center in Qassim, built from; his car and went to a truck that showed his driver had a healthy road. He rose slowly when he walked, grabbed his steering wheel and woke the driver to safety.

Al-Shaddadi's confidence helped passengers crashed after the truck had been converted;

And he gave an account of the divisional section, confidence and paternal actions, and suggesting road travelers and passengers of the foolish behavior, which contributed to the defense of the tummy leader and the people who were a & # 39; get rid of the real danger.

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