Al – Riyadh News The king's speech in the Shura Council. Designing a & # 39; internal and external policy and the countryside development

King's speech in the Shura Council. Designing a & # 39; internal and external policy and the countryside development

D. Al-Khathlan: The Keeper of both Holy Houses deals with the Kingdom's instructions and his / her. focus on achievement in each area

Maj. Gen. al-Shaibani: The King Salman speech is an official document and a roadmap for the statutory authority

Major General Saadoun: We have a line to get requests from all citizens

D. Al-Fadil: We accept the content of the word as a road map and established policies

D. Khashoggi: The royal message inside its focus is on coherence, and # 39; Strengthening national unity and eliminating the urgent efforts that are in place; confronting security

The royal lecture, crowned by the Keeper of both King Mosques St. Salman bin Abdulaziz, today, a year before the current session of the Shura Council, under the Samia support, and the Council's generous care, the royal lecture Anniversary of the Two Mosque Warden of the Holy Virgin, a comprehensive and inclusive Shura Council, which meets the needs of citizens and their citizens. achieving their aims, as well as the statement on the state of the United Kingdom on current regional and international political issues.

The members of the Council Shura, who participated in the Riyadh conference, praised this historic collection of King Al-Hazm and Al-Azm – God's Power – emphasizing what he has done; Lecture – God's Aid – a work map of the Council of Shura and that it is very important through the royal asset. The country of what is good and good, and maintaining our country is security and religion and keeping it from all evil.

The importance of the event is important

At the beginning of his conference, President's Deputy President Mr Hani Wafa welcomed the guests in Riyadh newspaper and the "Riyadh" forum that participated in the " conference to give light to this blessed time. He'll send her & # 39; This conference has been wealthy and very important to the Keeper of the Two Sacred Mosques What is the most important word that awaits everyone, as usual; come with citizens' aspirations and talk about their concerns; in the country, whether domestic or foreign policy or economic issues.

His conference began with Dr. Saleh bin Mohammed Al-Khathlan, Chairman of the Council of Foreign Affairs Committee on the royal lecture and its local and international dimensions. He said that he was a lecture; waiting for the nation; in the annual Speaker of the Second Saint Mosk in the Shura Council. We are always looking forward to having a & # 39; meet the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques. Usually, after this meeting, this blessed lecture will be distributed to every committee for guidance. Many of them, the most important inherent emphasis on the values ​​of the Saudi Arabia of its history, at least domestic or foreign policy, are the talk of the United Kingdom and a & # 39; Targeting achievement in all areas, and what is hoped for.

Disciplinary work

General Nasser bin Ghazi Al Shaibani, Chairman of the Transport, Communications and Information Technology Committee said: "After grateful and respect, we are happy to be with you in the" Riyadh "newspaper and its # 39 participating in this blessed partnership, which addresses the important event is to meet the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques, What is expected by the The Shura Council's work is a huge and official writing of the great and official writing material throughout the year: He said: Of course, what is the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques, which we always based on three outcomes:

  • Its first content is the honorary direction for the son and daughter of the Council of Shura Council, the importance of the # 39; Developing senior management work in the Shura Council, implementing legislation in the Shura Council regarding change order, and continuing to reports from government agencies. Take part in good offices to stop corruption, strengthen Strengthening the Treasury, and take care of the things that government agencies attend in the reports contained in the Shura Council, and in fact, this is the most important content we give in the Shura Council through reports to the Council of Shura, Maine, in which the Shura Council has the 13 committees of each committee associated with a special post.

  • Second Content: It is related to the economic situation, security situation and development situation in the United Kingdom. The Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques wants to tell his son about the economy and economic sustainability in terms of dividing income sources, strengthening the private sector and his / her. reducing unemployment. Keeper of the Two Sacred Mosks, be an eye for us to make recommendations that serve the United Kingdom's economic situation. Then, Moulay Warden of the Two Holy Mosques, the many security meetings within the United Kingdom, and coherence of internal security and strengthening within the country's support, A & # 39 ; the establishment of the State Security Presidency, the security division of the human rights security authority, the provision of security services to serve this country, and, supporting the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques to develop. The development of the two Holy Mosques Warden is a development in all parts of the United Kingdom. Projects have now been developed in the north of the United Kingdom, the center of the United Kingdom and the west, and aims to consolidate comprehensive development in all areas of Saudi Arabia, which we see when it visits all sections of the United Kingdom and its; record a number of projects.

  • Third subject: the foreign policy of the United Kingdom, where there are two axis of foreign policy of the United Kingdom, the first axis: the axis Yemeni, the second axis: the terrorist, and axis; talk about it and I'm among those who like international reunions related to terrorism, a topic that needs a long time to talk about it.

Importance of the Council

Gen. spoke Abdullah al-Saadoun, a member of the security committee, is about the importance of the royal lecture. "We are really pleased to meet with the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques on Monday. We are always looking forward to this meeting. This is the third session for me personally in the Council Shura. And the King of the day talks about domestic and foreign policy, and this trip from King Salman bin Abdul Aziz – God may preserve it – showing how important it is Comhairle Shura as The three authorities, and the Keeper of the Two Sacred Muscles, attach importance to this Council, and this is a permanent practice that emphasizes the Council of Shura and what he does.

We expect the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques to face the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2030), and the importance of changing the Kingdom as economically and business or service improvement. It is not secret that the citizen is the main focus that will be directed by the Keeper of the two Sacred Mosques As well as what the state is doing for the citizens, regardless of housing, health, education, or everything that is related to citizen issues, where it is always the case; emphasizes the security and transparency of all state-of-the-art installations, and always focuses on its speeches.

Dr. Faisal Mansour Al-Fadhel, Chairman of the Economy and Energy Committee: "On the subject of our conference, the royal lecture, as a citizen and member of the Shura Council, I am very pleased with the The Second King of St Salman's Bin Abdul Aziz, 14) maintains that the king or his office annually presents a royal lecture which includes both internal and external policy out of state.

"We are waiting for this meeting to hear the royal lecture and what it appears as well as domestic and foreign policy, and we see it as a map "It's the next year," he said.

"We, as members of the Shura Council, will accept these things. Each member will subscribe to their membership and focus on them as a road map for The ability of each committee. We will be in the Economic and Energy Committee to read and watch and listen to the programs, aims and initiatives related to the economic policy of the State. Accepting these materials as a policy and guidance on our recommendations on the reports. We ensure that the Shura Council has tools on the statutory authority. It has a statutory and statutory role in In keeping with it, government reports are monitored throughout the year as a guide. The Economy Committee deals with the economic affairs of the reports on The study, as well as the other committees in relation to the leadership part and the connection to the general objectives, both the aims of the vision and its; national change program, and the performance measures to ensure These objectives are to be achieved; their contribution course, as well as what the royal lecture heard by the members of the Council of Shura and interpreted and interpreted in the proposals, and this side of the direction.

Regarding the statutory section, leaders are issued by the Keeper of the Two Holy Houses – God is preserving – because we look at those leaders in terms of their needs th & # 39; and translate them into rules. By monitoring the annual report of the Council of Shura last year, we found that members of the Shura Council have 30 statutory proposals that are all involved in the development of regulations and regulations, and many of these members and colleagues took the things that the King and His Majesty gave to them; Prince out – God is saving – in some of the meeting and included in suggestions such as proposals for new systems that are involved in vision.

"There is no doubt that the annual royal lecture is a roadstep for inside or outside. Do you think the United Kingdom is moving rapidly to 2030 and so changes in the ways of the Shura Council and in the way of speed decisions and taking some courses are expected? Is this the rate at which we live Mrs. Abdullah Al-Saadoun's Minister:

In fact, the royal lecture in the Shura Council represents a roadmap for everything that belongs to both internal and external affairs. A & # 39; Comhairle Shura and its committees awaiting this speech as a page. In which I am a member, we will bring everything that is related to security.

With regard to the Council's Shura national translate program, from the beginning of its program (2030), the work of the Council of Shura and every committee has been in place; and special sessions are held to discuss some security systems to keep up with the vision of the United Kingdom (2030). The Shura Council is an increase, for example, many changes have been made to the system of universities, and this is the benefit of the Shura Council of the treaty of all subjects, and is seen from everywhere, and the Ministry of Education is Looking at it from one corner, and Shura's Council looks at any system From the Kingdom's interest and the citizen's interest and the citizen Fairway is worried.

Mr Gen. said. Abdullah al-Saadoun has a vision (2030) on the Shura Council regularly. Yes The council meets day and night, notably the committees involved in going to a & # 39; project survey, to be submitted to the Shura Council in the same week, as it will be taken after a day or three days in a royal order, adding that the National Transformation Program ( 2020) and the vision of the United Kingdom (2030) to do the work in the Shura Council faster than before. keep up with the fast steps the United Kingdom is doing to make the successful transformation.

Road map

Abdul Rahman Al-Dhaimi asked: Is the Speaker's Speech of the Two Holy Mosques expected to increase the number of members of the Shura Council, or do not make specific decisions? His Gen. Gen. Nasser bin Ghazi al-Shaibani: The annual lecture of the Keeper of the Two Holy House in the Shura Council is the official document and road map for the statutory authority in Saudi Arabia. In the light of this speech, the Keeper of the two Holy Ministers has the right to make decisions in his speech, at least the conclusions of the Council of Shoura or other conclusions, as the lecture the content to inform the statutory authority where the route and its operation, and coming to the statutory authority, its question about how to # Keeping up with the statutory authority The vision of the United Kingdom (2030) is the main means of the vision of the United Kingdom (2030) as the future plan of Saudi Arabia. The vision is the true path. All the committees in the Shoura Council are familiar with the aims of Vision 2030, (2020). As a result, we have goals. In addition to the aims, initiatives. These objectives have an influence line with the initiatives (2030). When we reach 2020, we will ask what we have achieved for a Health Ministry. The plan is the road map designed by the Keeper of the Two Holy House.

Dr. Saleh bin Mohammed Al-Khathlan: "The Two Holy Mosques Warden speaker is the document and guidance of the Shura Council and its direct decisions. In regard to the Council's vision in 2020, this vision and the co- included as a reference when they read the reports. These reports are in the vision of the United Kingdom (2030).

In addition, many of the recommendations of governmental government reports are highly commended. I have evidence of performance indicators. I personally give a special comment on these indicators. We & # 39; drowning in the case of performance indicators needed for all parties as not all parties can. At the same time, the Council has taken steps to keep pace with the vision of the United Kingdom (2030), for example parliamentary diplomas, where there are steps to develop parliamentary diplomacy due to the importance of its importance. is this diploma in support of general diplomacy, and we are in the Foreign Affairs Committee to develop an action plan for the development of the Committee's work at the J and outside levels, which have been agree with its Excellence to the President of the Council, and we started a degree, and meetings with appropriate officers and authorities to find out the latest developments that really make the partnership between its & # 39 ; Council and relevant authorities.

Continuation of Mr Gen. Al-Sadoun, he said: "A commentary on what the honorable colleagues commented on the conclusions that were given in the King's speech, I stressed then the King's speech in the Shura Council includes some hitting. For example, a woman's registration into the Shura Council and then the confirmation in the royal lecture, Changes or powers are given in the lecture, as follows d. Hani Khashog, said, "I see all the reports that are written; coming from governmental agencies to forward new signs and initiatives, and & # 39; You may know that the national translate program includes the five-year plans that were produced every five years. So government agencies are publish their reports according to new models of government reporting rules. National transformation, and the current government reports are different from the number of years ago, where it was structured and descriptive and now found a performance index.

By the end of the conference, the partners started interacting with their guests; conference. Hani Wafa asked: Did you find out that there is a leadership role for the Shura Council? Do not see that this is & # 39; Oppose the role of the SIA in the State, such as the General Inspection Bureau? He answered d. Hani Khashoggi: On the other hand, the Council Shura and the government agencies are in the & # 39; the audit process, and each management group looks at some management issues. A General Inspection Bureau the performance of administrative departments. This is the fight against corruption, which deals with corruption issues. All of them can be integrated together within the Council's ability.

Ibrahim Al-Qais said: "How the Council is trying to keep up with the vision of the United Kingdom (2030), that you do not think it's OK to plan its media in dealing with the media to reach the Saudi benefit in line with current development? This may be due to the weakness of the Council or weakness, and I am giving this guidance to current media plan, and I believe that a day-to-day in the Shura Council can change this general idea in our society?

His Gen. Gen. Abdullah al-Saadoun: "I think the Council still remains in the media. I think the platform needs more open to the center, not just those who are attending, but the media often prompts an incentive if there is no specific information. And it will be a key issue that his & # 39 , The Council of Shura, and the Shura Council in each session discusses (7) items, for example, something special for a government and article authority to change a decision or memorandum. The journalist may be able to & Issues such as housing, education or education As the Shura Council is bound by the King's special powers, the most powerful rule is the rules. The United Kingdom can not provide a system at a level the Kingdom but only after going through the Shura Council and carefully examining it. But, Shura Council.

Citizens' requests

He said that he had a committee; Previously, petitions from citizens have been integrated into the Human Rights Committee. Now we have a line to get the requests of all citizens and everyone has a complaint to the Council of Shura. We also meet the media. We will also Meet many of the press releases and discuss them. There is no doubt that those who create a misunderstanding between their & # 39; Council and citizens, but how will they bring them together with the Council? This is only done with information.

In this regard, Al-Khathlan: Shura Council is fully aware of this problem with the media. Therefore, an intelligence strategy needs to be developed, and it seems that the media is one of the columns that will help the Shura Council deliver the message, but I also We also have problems with the new media, It's based on moving. Traditional media is not tough. Links to the traditional media. A journalist who needs specialization in the parliament's media needs parliamentary media. This is a responsibility in the process of suitably qualified journalists for this work.

Nayef al-Wai also asked about the performance indicators and the initiatives that were presented. I think these campaigns have big budgets. In addition, we have taken care of ministers on their behalf; The Council. These visits have a great impact on the authorities themselves? And I'm meeting them, but I'm going to meet them; Seeing that the ages are not like ordinary citizens because the ridge of the towers, why the simple citizen does not include Council Shura's affairs and allows them to visit his / her; Council to see what's going on in & # 39; Council?

He said d. Hani Khashoggi: On minister's journey to the Shura Council, the ministers visit two ministers: visit a minister's protocol to attend and attend; Sit under the globe and make a presentation about his ministry. And a visit from specialist committees of most of the tours, وفي هذه الزيارة يتم النقاش الموضوعي الذي يأخذ طابع الأسئلة والأجوبة, بغض النظر عن توجهات الوزير ويكون هناك حوار مفتوح بين المسؤولين وبين أعضاء المجلس ثم تخرج نتائج اللقاء في إطار التوصيات والتقارير السنوية للجهة, ومن ثم يرفع إلى المجلس لطرحه في نقاش ثم يجب أن يوق المجلس بكل أعضائه.

بدوره تحدث اللواء ناصر الشيباني فقال: هناك عدد كبير من الوزراء جاءوا إلى المجلس بدعوة من مجلس الشورى, ومنهم صاحب السمو الملكي الأمير سعود الفيصل -رحمه الله- ثم تبعه العديد من الوزراء مثل وزير العمل ووزير الشؤون الاجتماعية والاتصالات, والأسئلة يتم تجهيزها من اللجنة المعنية بشؤون الوزارة لمعالي الوزير, حيث تطرح الأسئلة على الوزير والإجابة عليها بالمجلس, ثم يتم طرح العديد من الأسئلة من الأعضاء بعضها تتم الإجابة عليه في الحال وبعضها تجمع وتسلم إلى معالي الوزير للإجابة عليها مستقبلا مع اللجان, إن وكلاء الوزراء هم المحك الرئيسي في المجلس عندما ين اقشون التقرير الخاص بجهة معينة حيث تتم مناقشتهم في قبة المجلس لمدة تزيد على الساعتين بالتفصيل عن التحديات والمعوقات, وعن القرارات الصادرة سابقا ولم يتم تنفيذها, على ضوئها تكتمل وجهات النظر, وإذا كانت هناك مشكلات أخرى يمكن مناقشتها من جديد, وبالنسبة للجزئية الخاصة بالنخب فنحن نتحدث عن نخب يأتون من مناطق مختلفة, إضافة إلى زيارة طلاب المدارس بجميع مراحلها .. فالمجلس مفتوح لكل شخص.

العالم يترقب رؤية الملك تجاه التدخلات الإيرانية

أكد الدكتور صالح بن محمد الخثلان, رئيس لجنة الشؤون الخارجية في مجلس الشورى, أن المنطقة تترقب كلمة خادم الحرمين الشريفين, خصوصا ما يتضمنه الخطاب من موضوعات إقليمية ودولية, حيث يطرح – حفظه الله – رؤيته بالنظر إلى ما نعيشه اليوم من تحديات سواء الملفات الإقليمية كحرب اليمن, واستعادة الشرعية, والمواجهة مع إيران على مستوى المنطقة وتدخلاتها, وإعادة الاستقرار في سورية, والعمل على ضمان أمن المنطقة كلها والبحر الأحمر والخليج العربي, كل هذه القضايا الإقليمية للمملكة دور كبير فيها, والجميع يتطلع إلى مواصلة المملكة لهذا الدور, كذلك يتضمن الخطاب رؤية ا مملكة لعلاقاتها الاستراتيجية على المستوى الدولي, باعتبار أن المملكة دولة محورية, حيث هناك عدد من الدول ترتبط مع المملكة بعلاقات استراتيجية سواء على المستوى الدولي مثل الولايات المتحدة أو بريطانيا وغيرهما من الدول الغربية, والدول الآسيوية مثل الصين .. وهناك تساؤلات كثيرة جدا حول هذه العلاقات الاستراتيجية وواقعها وحالها, وما حدث من تحولات بالنظر إلى نشوء بعض القضايا والتحديات التي ظهرت أخيرا, ومدى تأثير هذه القضايا في عمق العلاقات, والتحول في الشراكات الاستراتيجية.

وأضاف: في الحقيقة إن الجميع يتمتع بإمعان إلى حديث خادم الحرمين الشريفين, ويحاول أن يحدد أين المملكة العربية السعودية فيما يدور من مشكلات إقليمية وملفات دولية وعلاقات المملكة الاستراتيجية والدولية وتحديدا علاقة المملكة مع الولايات المتحدة الأميركية.

رسالة الملك إلى الخارج: لا مجال للمساومة في قرارات الدولة

أكد الدكتور هاني يوسف خاشقجي, عضو لجنة الإدارة والموارد البشرية, أن المملكة تواجه خلال المرحلة الحالية تحديات في الداخل وفي الخارج, مبينا أن الرسالة الملكية إلى الداخل ستركز على التماسك بناء على ما حدث في الفترة الأخيرة, والعمل على تقوية اللحمة الوطنية بين القيادة وأفراد المجتمع بكل فئاته وشرائحه وطبقاته, أما الرسالة التي يوجهها خادم الحرمين الشريفين إلى الخارج, أن المملكة سيدة قرارها, ولا مجال للمساومة, ولا مجال للي الذراع والابتزاز, وأن المملكة قائمة على مبادئ وأسس الشريعة الإسلامية, وحسن الجوار, والتعايش السلمي, ونبذ التطرف والفكر ال ضال, وبالتالي فإن هذا الخطاب سيرسل رسالة إلى العالم الخارجي أن المملكة قوية بتماسكها, وأنها ستصد أي محاولات لزعزعة أمنها واستقرارها.

تلاشي الخفوت الإعلامي لمجلس الشورى

لم يخف اللواء ناصر بن غازي الشيباني, رئيس لجنة النقل والاتصالات وتقنية المعلومات, القصور الإعلامي خلال السنوات الماضية في مجلس الشورى, مبينا أنه كان هناك خفوت إعلامي, ومشيرا في الوقت ذاته إلى أنه خلال السنتين الماضيتين بدأ المجلس يتعامل مع التقنية, وبدأ يضع (ويب سايد) لبث جميع أحداث مجلس الشورى, واستخدام التقنية وأحدث أجهزة الاتصال; لنشر جميع ما يحدث في المجلس, ومحاولة الرد في هذا الجانب على المنتقدين لمجلس الشورى, إضافة إلى ذلك فإن مجلس الشورى بدأ نقلات نوعية, حيث بدأ في استخدام الحوسبة السحابية, وبدأ كذلك يتوسع في التقنيات لمقارعة الحج بالحجة.

وأضاف: إن مشكلتنا الآن في مجلس الشورى مع الإعلام، فنحن في المجلس نتحدث عن كل شيء، نتحدث عن بيض الحمام، وعن بيض الحباري، وكل ما يرد من تقارير إلى مجلس الشورى، فإن مجلس الشورى عليه الدراسة والمشاركة، وذلك أسوة بالبرلمانات العالمية التي تناقش كل شيء، لهذا نؤكد مرة أخرى أن مجلس الشورى سلطة تشريعية، في الوقت ذاته هو إحدى السلطات المشاركة مع هيئة الخبراء والأمانة العامة في مجلس الوزراء، وأنه كذلك يعد إحدى السلطات التي تصنع القرار.

وأضاف أن مجلس الشورى يقع عليه اللوم في القضايا الخدمية، مثل: لماذا مجلس الشورى لا يوفر لنا الإسكان، ولا يرفع سقف الرواتب؟ وأقول: إن مجلس الشوى يعد جهة رقابية وتشريعية فقط، في الوقت ذاته من حق المواطن علينا أن نطلب من المسؤولين من وزراء ومندوبي الجهات الحكومية، وأن نناقش كل ما يحتاج إليه المواطن.

«الشورى» يواكب «الرؤية» وبرنامج التحول الوطني

أكد الدكتور فيصل منصور الفاضل رئيس لجنة الاقتصاد والطاقة في مجلس الشورى، أن المجلس يواكب باستمرار رؤية المملكة (2030)، مبيناً أنه بعد الدورة السابعة وصدور الرؤية وبرنامج التحول الوطني، استشعر مجلس الشورى أهمية هذه الرؤية، وصدر تعميم من معالي رئيس مجلس الشورى إلى جميع اللجان، وأكد معاليه أهمية تغليب التوصيات لأهداف الرؤية في هذا الجانب، كذلك أطلق المجلس استراتيجية خاصة بالإعلام، وما يتعلق كذلك باستراتيجية المجلس في جميع أعماله، ومن الأشياء التي نستبشر بها قريباً مع بداية العام المقبل، حيث ستكون هناك إعادة كاملة لهيكلة أمانة المجلس، وسيكون هناك كذلك دعم كبير للجان، وستشهد دعماً كبيراً يدعم كل لجنة بمستشارين قانونيين، أو فيما يتعلق بتخصيص اللجنة بأن يتم وضع الاقتصاديين في اللجنة الاقتصادية، والاجتماعيين مثلاً في اللجنة الاجتماعية، وذلك لتخفيف العبء على الأعضاء ليتفرغوا لأعمالهم الرئيسة، وهذا بالتأكيد يعود بفوائد جمة من حيث الإسراع في إصدار القرارات، ومجلس الشورى لديه استشعار بجميع القضايا الخاصة بالمواطن والمجتمع كله، ومع ذلك لم نصل إلى الحد المطلوب في التطوير، بل هناك مزيد من الرغبة في التطوير.




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