Al-Youm Newspaper contains 10 educational projects in the East Division

The General Education Directorate in the East Division has divided into 10 new school projects in the region with the capacity of 10,860 students and 362 classrooms for boys and girls in Dammam, Khobar and Qatif.

The projects included school buildings, sports grounds, grass courts and families. The buildings were designed to meet the most recent designations and stages. The aim is to create an appropriate educational environment that will enhance the ability of students and students to incorporate a 2030 vision. In addition to implementing a Ministerial plan to lease rented buildings where the appropriate educational environment is not available.

Said Al-Bahas's official spokesman told Said Al-Bahas that the work and maintenance plan for school buildings has been realized in a number of people. Works aimed at refurbishment, refurbishment and refurbishment of furniture, where the work had been stubbornly maintained in 848 educational sites, the maintenance of air warehouses in 819 sites, as well as the operation of 5 Schools were removed after their rehabilitation process.

On the side of the safety systems in schools, Al-Bahas revealed a plan for the implementation and implementation of the casual safety side. An electric protection protection system was installed in 1200 educational sites and 7820 firearms.

He said that the administration of a line-line was developed to meet emergency and emergency maintenance activities according to a computer program designed to continue with its prevention and operation plan for educational projects that are being held , recapture and regeneration to boys and girls in all local government. Include the development modes for these projects and make sure they progress according to the specific time.

Al-Bahas noted that the program is run by a specialized committee that will make prevention and remedial procedures and, Keep up-to-date emergency custody reports in schools and receive any communication. This procedure is & # 39; All comments in the process need to be & # 39; abolishing education projects in the region.

With regard to the service speed in the Aziziyah areas of the Al-Khobar region, he said that work is being done to create schools for all stages for boys and girls. The media indicate the search for school buildings with specifications and specific requirements, which is another option without government school buildings. Acquisition of education for all levels of boys and girls in the Al-Sawary and Al-Sharaa area, and was sent to the development company to initiate a process of business placement and engineering.

In terms of the plan to address the density and demand that it has; growing in the community; At the moment, the speaker stated that the Khobar Education Office has received all students and students in every school near their community and its location; building their chances to maximize the involvement of the Boys and Girls Office induction committees.

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