And the "Chagas" disease has a strong influence on America and Europe … American Heart Society Warnings that began the disease. Look out for "bug bugs next"


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And the "Chagas" disease is a major impact on America and Europe. Rabbits from the American Heart Society when the disease began. start. Check out the "bug bugs next", describing an Egyptian star site, Sunday, November 18 2018.

The disease of Chagas is affecting America and Europe, doctors have warned of a recent disease spread throughout the United States. It may be a stroke; , according to the Daily Mail. Chagas is attracted to people through midgies called Kissing Kiss, or the next flu. The reason for this name is that the insect looks, especially at or near the mouth.

A medical source said that the disease or disease has spread in many countries in America and South America and Central America, but has recently joined the United States, to over 300,000 citizens in America, and spreading the disease also to several European countries, especially Spain, where it was injured. The disease also affected Italy, France, Switzerland, Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom United States.

Chagas's disease attacks America and Europe

Chagas's disease attacks America and Europe

Chagas's disease attacks America and Europe

It is worth mentioning that Chagas's disease is a parasitic disease spread in the tropics as well as the tropics, and this parasite is living in insect disease before being put to people through insect insects . An American Heart Association gave a warning in a statement

If Americans do not recognize, prove, and cure Chagas, it could have a bad impact throughout the country.

The society revealed that the disease is not spread through insect bites, but it's a? stretching through the patients of pesticides with parasite, and then moving to people, They are considered by nocturnal pesticides, who eat the blood of mammals, and include people.

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In terms of symptoms in disease Chagas It can also identify symptoms of the disease more difficult than the ones that were before, and, including a number of problems, including heart enlargement and change in the level of collision, The disease can also cause major problems, especially in the likelihood, the larger esopagas not a colony.

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And he is currently searching Paraguay Government to build up the degree of medical care to the highest possible level in areas where it is wide B and Chagas Epidemiological

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