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"Bezos" publishes "Blackmail" letters from a magazine marked by Ibn Salman

The Chief Executive said
Amazon chairman Jeff Bezos has decided to write down everything that has been issued
Co-write an email from an Enquirer Nàiseanta owner
Indicating that it does not surrender to neglect and use.

In a blog posted on the Middle East website, Bezos, a company, said David
A recent baker has been to deal with defensive by the Department. Justice due to the role in the "Hold
And he killed "on behalf of President Donald Trump and his campaign, remembering that he was
He also opened investigations to Baker and his company about what they did on behalf of the government
Saudi Arabia.

Earlier, I commented
The "Guardian" Bezos newspaper possesses the Washington newspaper
Post, "the magazine, published last year by the Prince and Crown Fellow Mohammed bin Salman
On its cover and a hundred pages & # 39; praising reforms, and arresting him.

The report, which is
Translation "Arabic", Bezos wrote his blog about the threat of the issue of the magazine
He said that the magazine threatened to publish personal pictures so that it would not happen without going to it; mentions that
Disclosure by the journal is not politically promoted behind.

Read also about trying to protect Bezos:

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Jeff Bezos refuses to make an anti-defense by an American journalist. Ibn Salman celebrated

That is a wealth of 26 people representing for the poor people of humanity

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Written by Bezos and Tnfred "Arabic 21" in full translation:

Jeff Bezos
7 February
No thank you, sir

Something something happened to me
Yesterday. It was not unusual to me – this is a & # 39; first of the kind. Ft
To show what I can not refuse. No matter what the people thought about
At The National Inquiry. I'm glad to think about that because they were going to go. write everything in writing.
Instead of complying into blackmail and rejection, I decided to publish everything they sent to me
Despite her & # 39; cost and personal harassment that they were threatening to & # 39; serving me.

That was AMI
The Enquirer Nàiseanta, by David Baker, has recently been guided by a contract
Ministry of Defense was a defense of her & her; relate to their place in the "capture and killing"
On behalf of President Trump and his campaign. Mr Baker opened an inquiry
And his company for many of his actions on behalf of Saudi government.

Sometimes mix
Mr Baker all of these things together:

"After Mr Trump became president, he did
By rewarding Mr Baker's prize for his loyalty to a White House dinner, he gave him the media officer
His guest with important links with the governing family in Saudi Arabia. there was
Mr Baker will then look for investment opportunities there while at the same time; capture opportunities
To get funding for its projects … ".

The New York Times:
"It is claimed that Mr David Baker was allowed to defend his legacy from the private inquiry
Bramp. Federal analysts have reached a contract of security with a newspaper director who is fond of
David J. Baker, as a key witness in … ".

Indeed, she answered
Federal inspectors and legitimate media are confident about it, and they are. confirm quickly
Mr Baker used the Enquirer as well as the AMI for political reasons, and continues to continue
AMI Petition:

"The American Media is mostly denied
Declares her that her broadcast was set up or directed by or had any effect on it
With armed forces, political or non-political. "

In fact, I was not fit
The legitimate media has been struggling to challenge this application over a long time:

News AP:
"Proprietary newspaper newspaper confidentiality confidentiality: the burglary
Get access to the materials previously announced. "

I did not know much about it
In recent weeks, when the National Representative published my personal text messages,
Investigators were charged to find out how these text messages were received and they identified many of the reasons
The work done by The Inquirer. It was then found that several independent audits were carried out
God is at the same time in this regard.

I was given a leadership mission
I am familiar with this study by Mr Gavin of Baker, who I know for twenty years
His knowledge in this field is excellent. He is one of the most experienced and best known in these areas
Domain. He asked me to be a priority that he has protected me from rubbish since I have a lot
Out of my biggest actions to be involved, and costing to move forward with any budget
He needs to get to the facts in this case.

This is part of it
Context: For me, my possession of the Washington Post is one of the things that make it complex,
It is inevitable that some of the effects will be mistaken for their Washington Post coverage
I am their enemy.

And one of those people
He is President Trump, and that's clear from what he says in many of his tweets. There is no doubt
The Washington Post broadcasting the intention, and not being unhappy, of events related to the murder of his author
Jamal Khashogi is not welcome in some circles.

(Although the Washington Post blends issues
Lee, but I'm not sorry for an investment. The newspaper is an important venue
The importance and the message are very important. My guide to the Washington Post and my support
To his message, a situation that does not change or change, who am I to end
I was proud when I was 90 years old when I stood up to look at what I did in my life,
This is if I'm lucky and I've been living until then, no matter how hard it is; as it could cause

I'll come back to the story. Before
After a few days, AMI's officer told us that Mr Baker was frightened
Our research For reasons that we are still trying to better understand, the Saudi streams seem to be
Stop kneeling well aware.

Days after hearing
For Mr Baker's real friend, he was talking to conferences at the beginning
Showcase order. Tell us that I had more of my text messages and my photos
They will publish it if we stop the search.

Solicitors said
They work for me because IMI has the right to publish statues because everyone has copyright
And also because the images themselves do not add to any value
Nahia News.

The application is based on AMI
Are the images of news value to say that the images are essential to provide information to shareholders in the # 39;
Amazon has the ability to manage business really. I had found Amazon inside my previous garage
Twenty-two years ago, I was going to install my own cracks to an office that mail address, and here it is today
Amazon employs more than six hundred thousand people, and has recently completed its most profitable years
The exhibition, although much is invested in a number of new initiatives, than science
It is usually ranked between top and fifth as the highest value companies
In the world. I let those results talk about themselves.

We will return to & # 39; threat they are using
My personal picture. I think we did not respond (myself, my lawyer and Gavin de Becker)
The action was on the general threat we received enough of terror, and sent us to us


From: Howard, Dylan
(Content Manager at AMI)
Post: Tuesday,
The fifth of February 2019
3:33 f
To: Martin Singer
(Solicitor for a case by Mr de Becker)
Thread: Jeff
Bezos and Mrs. Lauren Sanchez

(Text message and description of special circumstances different
He did not take his personal photographs with Mrs. Sanchez)

This drew my attention. But
No as they hoped. What personal damage can AMI cause?
Lee is backing up because there is a much more important topic here. If I was from my site
Be able to challenge camera, how many people can it
So? (Many people in this regard will continue to talk to our review team and talk about it
Their experiences were similar to the AMI, and how they would surrender with what they were looking after
With their lives at risk).

You can see in letters
With the AMI, which it is broadcasting in public, its & # 39; Give details on black proposition: they will publishing the pictures
If Gavin de Baker is not and I'm publishing a special press release. claim genuinely
Without "we do not know what we are saying that AMI's broadcasting was
Directed by political reasons or under the influence of political forces. "

They say that if we do not
We agree that this will be published in particular, they will publish the pictures in a hurry. there is
Tied threat: We will keep the images ready for future publishing if we have gone
That's a lie.

Be confident that it is not
Journalists can really think about something like this: "I will not publish
If you do so, you have unsure information, but if you do not do so and so
Get up, I'll publish information. "

I can not write anything
Here my story with the National Representative will be as sad as they say below.

These letters confirm what
AMI has earned a long-term reputation for the mediation of the media equipment to military
It uses it against its enemy, which hides behind its important and important defenses; abandon the basics and aims it performs
She has a real career. In fact, I do not want personal images to be published, but I do not. take part
While they are familiar with their use from a & # 39; eliminate and use political grants and its; to visit
Political assaults and corruption. Better to be constant, and pull the banner under the legs.

The Holy One
Jeff Bezos


From: Fine, John (West
Senior Advocate, AMI)
Post: Wednesday,
, 5:57 f
To: Martin Singer
(Solicitor to Mr de Becker)
Thread: Bezos
He wants for the American Media and with her


Here are the terms
We recommend you:

1) Fully complete plenary crossings for everyone
The bids made by American Media are on the one hand and Jeff Bezos and Gavin (Bezos parties)
On the other hand, Baker opposed each other.
2) public declaration agreed by both parties
With the Bezos parties through the media agreed by the parties that prove through
The parties are not aware that they have nothing to claim
Which is caused by political reasons or under the influence of political forces, and the agreement stops
To comment on that capacity.
3) AM agrees not to be discharged, and # 39; distribution or exchange
No description of unpublished texts and images (unpublished material).
4) EM confirms that he did not do anything
Related to her broadcast and is not aware of such behavior.
5) This Agreement is strictly tight.
6) in terms of breaking its & # 39; Agreement with one or no
More than the Bezos parties, AM, will break their obligations under the Agreement
You will publish unpublished material.
7) Any debates arising from this Agreement
First refer to the Inter-Center of James Institute in California.

Thank you
Deputy Attorney General
For information
American Media


E-mail: Martin D. Singer, Laughley & Singer

The fifth of February 2019
Subject: Jeff Bezos
The American Media

Mr. Singer

Write your response to your letter
On 4 February 2019, it was sent to Mr. Dylan Howard, and address the concerns
We are true of your client and his representative's outstanding activities
Reflection and coverage of the American Press on the recent news

As a principle, we will benefit you
We have gathered news and coverage of issues related to your business, and & # 39; including such
The "personal images" of your business have been and in line with it
Laws. As you know, "fair use of the materials
Copyright, which includes the use of a & # 39; including a reproduction of bulk … for reasons like
It does not impose a fine, report or coverage of news … a copyright break
"The Seventh United States Seventh Conference, 107. Since there are millions of Americans
An interest in the success of Amazon, which is still your client as the founder and headteacher, is determined
Mr Bezos can make the right decisions based on his communication
And the image is worth it, worth writing about it and it's pretty public.

If we go over a subject
The copyright you have raised, we also make it necessary to deal with the various statements
Disclaimer and uncertain facts that are uncertain to your client's representatives
The papers say "strong evidence of political inspiration" from behind
Publish a report by The Enquirer Nàiseanta. In fact, you name yourself that "columns
Political causes "for our" clear and clear "news broadcast
Your letters on behalf of Mr de Becker to Mr Howard on the 31st of
January 2019.

Other times, like
I tell you in my response on 1 February to send your letter dated 31st
From January, American Press releases have denied an application that a & # 39; broadcast on payment or pardon
In any way or influence the powers outside, political or otherwise
Political. Just putting it, it's just what we're just publishing a news report and it's like that.

But, understand that
Your client's representatives, including The Washington Post, are still overseeing and publishing
Misleading and uncertain contracts that hinder the reputation of American Media and its managers.

So we are
We'll ask you to stop its & # 39; that disastrous behaviors and stopping it. Any other declaration
For the false, susceptible, misleading and uncertain statements, your client will have the effects.
If there is no stop just for antisocial behavior, we have no choice but to visit it
For all circumstances to be made available by law.

As I tell you in advance,
We maintain the legal that we have; news collection and case cover in the & # 39; This matter that belongs to the interest
Public opinion. In addition, the American Media will not stop
To continue to broadcast news stories of no doubt that it affects its & # 39; the public
Mr Bezos' valuable contribution, as stated in Bois Schiller's historian's speech
On January 9, you contacted the American Press which says your client does not "
Try to stop publishing news releases about "and that" a & # 39; supporting the news efforts ".

Depending on the ones above, if so
If your client agrees to stop this discouragement and stop it, we are ready
To participate in our useful conversations about texts and images. Dylan Howard is going on
Be ready to talk about the subject at your time.

All rights
Submissions, and paths, and defenses are reserved and canceled.

The Holy One


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