Bilic and Goode are preparing for Derby to correct mistakes

Bilic and Goody are preparing for the crab to correct the mistakes

The Olympics football player, Hussein Al-Hajuj, was signed Sunday at the Office of the Common Authority for Sport in Jeddah. He is currently playing at Al-Ahly Club for his & her; the first time in the 10th Thomas Sport Salman Prince Mohammed Bin competition.

The Hagog had moved to Dean than a month ago from Al-Ansar, a & # 39; Understand that the player is currently tied to an Olympic team team in Jeddah and today ends up against Palestine's friendly team.

On the other hand, Al-Ittihad officially announced that Tariq Abdullah's player was injured, a full cut in the hard ligament after being injured and missing by the team during the time past.

"The medical exams made by their first team Tarek Abdullah showed that they needed translation in a seriously injured situation in the important connection," said the club.

He said: "The translation is coming after Abdullah has gone on to a medicine program in the past that he's about the doctor's recommendation when the work is in the days ahead. "

However, the Force team re-train its training today after the Bilic coach has been supporting supporters of the yesterday, preparing for the derby.

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