By 24 hours … "Show my solution" to Balqis more than 100 miles views


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By 24 hours … "Show me a solution" to Balqis that exceeds 100,000 views from its website. group, Sunday, November 18 2018.

By 24 hours ... Show me Balqis's analysis goes over 100 miles of viewsThe Balqees singer

Written by Iman Al – Awadhi

The song, "Shouf Lee Sol", is the latest songs of Balqees, the 100,000 strong show, 24 hours before being released

Official official via the "YouTube" global video site.

Song "Shouf Lee Sol" Lyrics on the poet Mohammed Al-Jubouri, written by Ali Saber,

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Distributed Maitham Alaa Eddin, Oud Sadiq Jaafar.

He is aware that the Balqees singer a video clip of the song "Ahla Ya Mama" was launched through the "YouTube" site and gave him a baby, "Turki", and written by Saif Fadel.

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