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"Calm" the price of Saudi today

Saudi Riyal exchange rate of the Egyptian Pound face Today, in the various Egyptian bank transactions such as: t Riyal exchange rate The bank of Misr and several other banks The price the Saudi sells to the black market In which the various foreign currencies are sold and sold Egypt Pound, As a result of the latest market prices, the demand for future Saudi increases with different parts of the population, due to the direct link to the performance of some Islamic duties such as the different seasons of Hajj. and Umrah.

The exchange rate for Saudi Riyal against the Egyptian Peath today in Egypt

The Egyptian pound claims exchange rates against Saudi money in different things of Egyptian banks for nearly three months passing over the last five years in Egypt. The next one

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Bank of EgyptSaudi Riyal Price against Egypt PoundPrice of Saudi Riyal against Egypt Pound
Central Bank of Egypt4.60634.6331
National Bank of Egypt4.59954.6288
Bank of Egypt4.59924.6288
Bank of Alexandria4.577484.63417
International Commercial Bank4.5894.6343
Abu Dhabi Bank4.59114.6342
Audi Bank4.60744.6342

The black market is now the price of Saudi's secret

In terms of the prices and purchases of Saudi Riyal against Egypt on the black market today, they are between 4.4.60 to buy, up to LE 4.70 for sale, and the value varies with the stated prices. T in a geographic area of ​​the business.

Today, Egypt is a popular price for Saudi prices

The Saudi Riyal saw the Egyptian Pound demonstrating visible stability in the night-time trade for banks.

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