CCG is sharing its & # 39; made in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The performance of regional market markers in the first session of the week in the Sunday session, without markets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which shaped its closed doors during the Birthdays. The Common Market index index fell between the general decline of its departments to a total of 7496.91 points, 0.22% loss, and Kuwait's index 0.22% to close general indexes at 0.22%. Although Bahraini's index list has risen after a positive confirmation of its departments by 0.13% to close at 1310.88 points. Oman market rises to a long-term extent of 4452.12 points including support from the finance and services sectors.

Saudi Arabia

The Saudi stock market fell into a trade after the performance of all sectors down with its decline in litigation and volume records. Digitization fell to & # 39; general market 165.26 points or 2.16% for closing at 7496.91 points. , And share prices of 14 companies against the decline in share prices of 168 companies. At the departmental level, 3.33% of each section decreased by the capital goods department, and the telecommunications department with 2.91%. Al-Sorayyah section rises 5.58% to SAR 14.38, with QNB with 5.26% thereafter to SAR 20.00. At the same time, the share price of exports increased by 10.00% to SR126.6 and Amanah Insurance Ro 5.82% to reach 17,80 kingdoms. Dar Al Arkan first arrived at 18.9 million sections.


KUWAIT: Kuwaiti market fell 11.19 points, or 0.22 per cent, for closing at 5285.14 points. The value of £ 15.5 million sold KD 6.6 million with 1329 trading transactions.
The general price of the categories of projects rises by 1.42% to reach the price of 0.214 diners, and 1.27% businesses decrease by 0.160 diners, compared to GFH's general price 2.41% to reduce the cost of price 0.0971 diners, and then balance With 1.94% to reach the price of 0.600 diners. KFH was first with 2.4 million sections, and Zain, with 1.8 million sections. The proportion of KFH was originally ranked with 1.4 million dinars trading values, and Zain with 872.1 thousand dinars.


Bahrain Stock Exchange has risen with 1.72 points or 0.13% to close at 1310.88 points. Reservoirs were sold 1.6 million KD value 430.2 miles.
At the departmental level, the hotel and tourism department increased 24.24 points, and then the commercial banks division 6.43 points, with the service department with 0.03 points, and placed the rest of the sections on the same worth the previous session.


The Omani yesterday's index list has increased in the past with support from the financial and service sectors. The index closed at 4452.12 points, and # 39; lose 1.56 points or 0.04%. The 4.1 million investors made £ 1.1 million worth. Parts of 3 companies against the decline in price prices of 8 companies and stability prices of sections of 14 companies. At sector level, the business sector decreased by 0.10%, and the Finance department received 0.05%, and then Services received 0.13%.
The International Financial Investment shares record the highest increase by 1.15% to SR 0.088, followed by Al-Anqa Energy with 0.94%.

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