Citizens' Account The Citizen's Account responds to a crucial question about the fact that, supporting unemployed people

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Citizen – Riyadh

The citizen's account confirms that there is no difference between applicants for program support, depending on the status of the work and the type of work, as long as the terms of the & belong.

The customer service in the citizen's account in response to a question about unsupported unemployed support by saying: "There is no difference between applicants depending on the status of the work and the type of work and if the applicant relates to election requirements and electoral criteria, support will be provided.
Advocate Requirements
A citizen's account is described earlier to meet the selection options in the program for being registered in the Saudi nationalism, but only the son and daughter of citizenship and spouse or woman who is not Saudi Arabia and keepers of movement cards.
It is also essential to obtain support that the householder permanently resides within the United Kingdom so that he has not been in a position; live outside the United Kingdom for over 90 days in the last 12 months.

Citizen Account Objectives

The Citizens Account Program aims to directly and indirectly influence the economic reforms of Saudi families at risk. The subsidy value includes an increase in changes in fuel and electricity prices after rectification, as well as its. The impact of an added value to food and drink value.
Registration is made through the citizen's port site and the following data will be inserted (identity number, birth date, mobile number), and follow the steps to make the registration process & # 39; finishing easily.

The program of citizen's account, which was deposited on Sunday Sunday, ended the support given to the eleventh session of beneficiaries in their requests in the citizen's account.

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This content (citizen account) responds to an important question about support for unemployed people. It is moved by a search engine of Egypt 24 and was removed since it came from the source (the citizen), and does not; expressing the site's vision or editorial policy, but the publisher is responsible for the news and health. It is a citizen who is in a position; first one.

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