Connection and terms for application to National Guard posts


Connection and terms for application to National Guard posts

Citizen – Riyadh

The National Pharmacy Ministry has assigned 10 contracts for those who are in attendance. apply for their advertisement posts on the items system.
Situations included:

  1. Applicant must be a Saudi national.
  2. At least 18 years of age and not more than 40 years.
  3. Workout exams and personal interview.
  4. Be safe and skilled and get a medical examination.
  5. Use the correct result for the work.
  6. The applicant must be in good behaviors and has not been convicted in any case or case that fails to honor and honor.
  7. Not to retire from any government body.
  8. Commitments to the exercise of the real responsibilities of the advanced position and will not be given to administrative work.
  9. The experience of the former private sector must be in the nature of the work of the work and to be reinforced by certification certified by the document. where he worked by nameing the name of the work and the beginning and end of the service and being recorded by the partnership statement on social insurance with Brent insert the insurance to & # 39; cover all the time.
  10. If you do not specify the work to apply or apply for more than one work, they will be deleted.

The Ministry of the National Guard is named through its website which offers 23 vacancies on the system of things, to work in the town of Riyadh.

The National Guard stated that the jobs available were:

1- Mechanical engineer.
2 – Electric Engineer.
3 – civil engineer.
4- Technology upgrade.
5 – Generators of technology tools.
6. Fair fur technology.
7- Technology Pump.
8. Technology of boilers.
9. Plumber.
10. Staff leader.
11 carpenters.
12 – Mechanics.
13. Staff observer.
14. Cooker.
15 – Mechanical Technology Equipment Worker.
16. Driving equipment.
17. Electric Assessor.
18. Regional technology.
19. SAYES.
20. Factar.
21. Pesticide executor.
22. Porter.
23. Farmers.

The Chief Executive's Ministry said that the application is available from Sunday, 1440/03 / 10H Under the following link (here).

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