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Justice writings throughout the Kingdom began to serve the beneficiaries according to their digital level launched tomorrow, eliminate the ability to deliver hazard groups through its site; Minister www.moj.gov.sa, without having to visit the copyright writings.

The Minister for Justice, President of the Council, Judgment Sheikh Walid bin Mohammed Al-Sama, ani, on the tenth day of the first spring of 1440 AH, a new era for digital format in documents, after ordering the justice writings to release paper in each work writing.

Dr. Waleed Al-Sama continued the Group's electronic services and the bodies were electronically certified. The first is a & # 39; covers the need for most of the Notaries service users, who are provides the opportunity to give the benefits of their groups in specific items without having to visit the notes or notes. I have an Absharry service.

In terms of the electronic document verification service, it will eliminate the need for a paper in the papers that need to present the notices or notes, so that the service is to beneficiaries and will be group to access the number of mobile phones registered with the "Abshar" service without having to get a hard copy.

Government agencies can access information from the agencies electronically through the electronic verification mechanisms provided by the ministry to all government bodies through the government integration system (gsb) after connecting to the group's proven service in the electronic trading program "Yesser ".

Agencies can also make probation bodies through their Group Confirmation Service with two main versions: Group IDs and Action IDs. Ministry's systems will responding to the confirmation of the information and status of the Agency, if applicable or not, with full information.

His ministry also allowed private companies, private organizations and natural or legal persons to investigate the organization and confirm their certainty and its validity through the Ministry's offer to offer it; Justice. The verification information and the person or the person who has declared the outcome will be recorded in Ministry and Justice systems to return the reference number if necessary.

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