Do you suffer with «facial pallor»? .. Learn about the causes and methods of prevention

Some people lose their skin all the time, according to a report published by the site (nourishment) which has many reasons and reasons for this blonde hair.

Fairness 4

Fairness 4

If there is a fever, low blood pressure, fast heart beat, chest pain or a difficulty in breathing, medical care should be sought by the expert.

In the case of a normal lizard without these marks, the most obvious reasons for this disease are:

Iron deficiency in the body and the tiredness and the most serious problems keeping up the temperature of the body and pregnant women because they are most at risk from disease.

The body has a B-12 vitamin deficiency, especially among older people, a cause for causal cause and the person feels weak and bite in the hands and feet.

Sepsis is one of the reasons for bad pressing when the disease develops

The sight

The sight

Anemia, with tiredness and headache

Leukemia and lupus are a type of cancer from the original symptoms of disease.

Vitiligo causes skin abundance in parts of the body.

Anemia iron deficiency is caused by etiology.

Nutrition nutrients and eating appropriately the reasons for cormorants.

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